Last Day of April!

– I was at a stop sign earlier, in back of an SUV. Two kids poked their heads out of the windows, smiled and waved to me, so I waved back. I was tired and that little moment cheered me up. It reminded me of when I’d ride in the back seat when my family and I would go traveling. My friends and I would wave at the people in back of us. It was fun to get that kind of acknowledgement from complete strangers. Haha!

– Well, we reached and exceeded our group’s fundraising goal of $500! This not only means that we have over 500 bucks to donate, it also means that our whole office gets to wear jeans every Friday for the entire month of May. Woo hoo! We’re all very happy about that part!

– This Saturday is when we do the actual walkathon at the zoo. I’m definitely going to take some photos of the event; I know it’s going to be fun. Hopefully the weather will be cooperative. It looks like it will be, so fingers crossed!

– We’re having a potluck this Thursday that’ll be all about healthy food. I found a recipe online for some quick and easy shishkabobs that I don’t have to cook. I think I’ll prepare those for the office.


3 thoughts on “Last Day of April!

  1. My grandparents used to have a station wagon with an extra seat that faced the back window. It was great fun on family vacations to sit in that seat and cause trouble by trying to distract the driver of the car behind us.

  2. When my daughter was younger, she and one of her friends played a game where they’d wave at other cars or people walking on the street. If they waved back they’d yell “Sweet!” If they were ignored they’d yell “Sour!” :)
    Congratulations on reaching your goal! If you are going to be at work, being there in jeans is kind of nice. And I do hope the weather stays good for the walk-a-thon! Also, I am interested in a healthy non-cook shiskabob…sounds like my kind of food!

  3. Laura D.: Welcome, welcome! :) A friend’s parents had that kind of station wagon, and I used to love it when we were allowed to sit back in that seat. The semis would honk at us.

    Laura: That sounds like a fun traveling game! Yeah, I hope the weather behaves for us. It’s supposed to be warm, too.

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