Hey everyone! For this week’s edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots (yup, I’m late again), I chose the word “portable”. Lots of things are portable nowadays! Here is my example:

Here’s my portable device that lets me play solitaire! It is lots of fun, and it’s very hard to put down sometimes.

Time to pick a word chooser for next week! You’re up, Laura!


4 thoughts on “Portable!

  1. Another great example of portable! I used to have a portable Free Cell game. I loved it! But I left it in a doctor’s office and when I went back for it… it was gone! =:[

  2. Yeah, I’m surprised the battery in the game has lasted so long! I should take the game to work for when my 12 to 9 Wednesday shift gets too boring. Thank you for the word, Laura! “Middle” will be interesting!

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