“Listen! Do you smell that?”

– I keep thinking that I smell like plastic today. I got out of bed earlier than usual this morning and figured I’d hop in the shower real quick. Once I did that, I still had more time; even after brushing my teeth and putting on makeup. I figured, while I’m there, I might as well spray the bathroom down and give it a good cleaning; or at least clean the nozzles and toilet. The cleaner I have has bleach in it, and I think that’s the smell that’s trapped in my senses. I have perfume on, and maybe that’s mixing together into a weird potpourri. Anyway, begone weird, bleachy chemical scent!

– Speaking of scents, our school is having a “Student and Faculty” appreciation week that involves a few staff members grilling up some hamburgers and hotdogs. I didn’t get to have any of that yesterday, but I will try harder today. The smell of the grill traveled quickly down the hallways and through the main lobby. It seemed to hit everyone on campus and each student that walked through the lobby would ask something like, “Mmm, who’s cooking out? Where’s the food?” It was a very intoxicating scent for me, too. I had a half day yesterday and work another half day today, so this time I’m going to grab some free lunch before I head home.

– It seems like Thursday nights are my worst nights for getting some sleep. I tend to look forward to Fridays, and so I try too hard to fall asleep. That’s difficult when parts of my brain aren’t quite ready to shut up. I slept terribly last night, though, too, because I knew my work day would be short and I think I was anxious to get it started. Who knows? I tossed and turned. I figured I should get up since I’m not sleeping, but the covers and pillows were in the right spot and I just tried to calm down. The alarm eventually went off and I knew I had about a half hour more to recuperate from sleeping, so I relaxed and kind of observed myself from the inside and noticed that I clench my eyes shut when I’m really trying to sleep. That doesn’t help.

– My friend and I have a new thing that we do at work when one of us or another staff member says something that sounds questionable. We’ll sing “things you should not say at work, doo dah, doo dah…” to the tune of “Camptown Races”. We crack ourselves up.


2 thoughts on ““Listen! Do you smell that?”

  1. I hate it when I get a specific scent that seems trapped in my nose! It can be rather unnerving. Wouldn’t mind smell…then eating…some hamburgers or hot dogs though!

    I have found it impossible to “try” and sleep. I have to read myself to sleep or watch tv as I fall asleep or just be so tired that I basically pass out. Probably not a good thing.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I am totally going to use that song! haha! Love it!

  2. I did try reading a bit last night before going to bed, and just when I thought my eyes and brain were ready to rest for the night and the lights were out…Surprise! They were faking it. Annoying!

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