Plaid (as in I couldn’t think of any other title)

– Yesterday I was able to buy and download a copy of Jim Gaffigan’s new special, “Mr. Universe”. For five dollars, fans can download a copy, and one dollar of that goes to The Bob Woodruff Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps injured soldiers and their families.

Well I watched “Mr. Universe” yesterday and laughed all the way through. So funny! If you’re interested, you should definitely buy and download a copy for yourself.

– I’ve been playing more on “RoleStar”, and now they have a promotion for the movie, “American Reunion”. They put up all of the “American Pie” movies so that people can act out a few scenes, and the person with the most nominations will win an iPad! Cool! Although I’ve never watched any of the “American Pie” movies, I’ve been acting in a few scenes with people. It’s really, really fun.

– As for other hobbies, I need to move on from my loom-knitting. I have lost interest. I have also lost interest in Zentangle. I thought of maybe buying an affordable dollhouse kit, because I have always had an interest in dollhouses. My mom made a huge dollhouse with lots of miniatures back when I was younger. Actually, I think she made it before I was born. I loved playing with that thing, I would spend hours in my own little world. Then Santa brought me the “Sounds Like Home” dollhouse one year, and I lost my tiny little mind with that too. Anyway, so that’s a thought. I could also go back to making candles and soaps, too. I made some soap for a friend awhile back and he paid me for them. I guess they were a big hit with his family! Good times!

– A group of us at work signed up for a walkathon to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. No 60 miles in 3 days craziness, though. Whew! This will be for one day and just three, blissful little miles. It’ll be held at the Cleveland Zoo, and we’ll have free admission. Oh, and I don’t have to raise any $2,300, either! We’re encouraged to raise as much as possible, and if our school raises $500, we all get to wear jeans every Friday for the entire month of May. Woo hoo!

– My mom is feeling better and is back to getting lots of stuff done way before noon and she’s ready to wrap up the cat and give him to me. He’s been chewing on her TV cords again and my mom gets rightfully fed up. Meanwhile, my neighbor on the 2nd floor wants to give me her two, black kittens. I’d love a pair of kittens, but they’re too expensive. Of course this paragraph started out about my mom and turned into something about cats. Oye veh. :)


7 thoughts on “Plaid (as in I couldn’t think of any other title)

  1. I love Jim Gaffigan! Sounds like a very worthwhile purchase.
    I still haven’t tried Role Star, but I see your posts about it on FB and I am very curious :)
    I seem to be really bad at having hobbies. I love that you are willing to try so many different things! That is your creative nature that must be nurtured….I’m jealous!
    The Arthritis Foundation walk sounds fun and more reasonably accomplished. I hope
    you guys get your jean Fridays :)
    Also, good to hear your mom is doing so well. Maybe you and your mom could share custody of her cat. She might miss him if he was gone completely, but I can certainly understand her frustration with his cord chewing! And two black kittens! That seems VERY hard to resist. But I agree that pet ownership is a big responsibility that can become costly.
    Whew! Loved hearing all this news Tara!!!

  2. Thanks Laura! I want to find a hobby soon; something that’s really fun! One of my coworkers said that if Joshua bites into the wrong cord, he’s going to have an afro! Hehe.

  3. I don’t know Jim Gaffigan, so I will have to check him out. I’m always ready to have laughs.
    I have never tried Role Star either. I used to act in college and I loved it. Maybe I should do that.
    My hobbies change with the seasons. I do love candles and have not made any in years! That sounds delightful to me. My X and I made a doll house and it took us years to finish, but it was a wonderful project that we are both still quite proud of doing. I think you would enjoy that. We got a kit from the hobby store and then customized it as we went. We even made tiny shingles out of real cedar for the roof. Come to think of it, maybe we went a bit crazy with it.

    I am glad to hear that your mom is back up and going strong! YIkes about the cord chewing. We had a rabbit was cured itself of that by biting into a live wire. I’ve never seen a bunny move so fast! But I don’t recommend that method. I think Laura has a good idea… maybe share cat custody.

    Good luck with the walk-a-thon. Do you work in a school??? I somehow missed that.

  4. Silly Rabbit: Yup, I work at a college! Lots of interesting characters. The dollhouse you built sounds so cool, and I love that you used real cedar for the shingles! Also, you should definitely check out Jim Gaffigan. He’s so funny, and he hardly swears. It’s everyday, relatable humor he talks about.

    Silver: You can act out scenes from the movies they have listed, if you have a webcam! Then you can partner up with someone else on that site and do a scene with them, and then you can give people a nomination if you liked their performance. They can nominate you too! Here’s the link:

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