Full O’Cheer!

Well hello! Happy Saturday and Easter Eve! I chose the word “cheerful” for this week’s edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots. I thought I’d just post one photo, but more popped up! Let’s begin to get cheerfulized.

Here’s an old photo of my mom with some of my brothers and cousins (and probably an aunt thrown in there, too). This might have been taken around Easter, I’m not sure. I figured the hats were worn on a special occasion. My mom is the one with the reddish hat. Don’t look for me. I was…um…well…not born yet.

For my birthday last month, one of my brothers sent me some really cheerful flowers! They arrived at my office and I was so happy that I could display them at the front desk. I also liked them so much that I picked out some party plates and cups that matched the colors of those flowers. I had a few friends over to eat pizza and watch a movie (“Office Space” – one friend had never seen it before – gasp). Fun times!

Have I shown you my new bed set recently? Not sure I did, so here it is. I needed a change, and this set really caught my eye. The random flowers are very cheerful, especially when the sun shines through the nearby window.

My mom gave me a cheerful white sweater today! It had been part of her wardrobe, but figured I would use it more. She was right! I have some sleeveless dresses that are very pretty and professional, but sleeveless anythings are against company policy at work. Little sweaters or jackets worn with the sleeveless dresses, however, are not against policy. Ha HA! Neither are cheerful, yellow scarves that cover any policy-prohibited cleavage.

Well that’s it for moi! Gotta check out the other blogs, because I’m way behind! Hope you all had fun! For next week’s chooser of words, I pick: Silly Rabbit!

Happy Easter, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Full O’Cheer!

  1. Those really are some very cheerful pictures! Your mom looks so pretty in that first one….and I LOVE the little sweater she gave you :) I really, really like your new bed set. It is perfect for spring and summer! And your very festive table does make me feel cheerful.
    Hope you had a happy easter!!!

  2. Oh dear! I’m late… again! Thank you for the cheerful examples. I do love to get flowers. I can’t think of a thing more cheerful than a boquet. Everything here is a smile-maker.
    I’m picking “superstitious” since the day before will be Friday the 13th. Bbbwaaaaa!

  3. Oh! I forgot to tell you the thing that impressed me when I looked at your cheerful family photo… I can see you in your mother’s face and visa versa.

  4. Laura: Thanks! :) And I love my new bedset too. I don’t like buying shoes and I rarely like shopping for clothes, but bed sets are different. If I had more space I would buy more of them for every season.

    Silly Rabbit: Aw, thank you! Many people have said that my mom and I look a lot alike.. We sound similar too, especially over the phone.

    “Superstitious” is a fantastic word! Thank you!

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