B’lated Saturday Scavenger Shots!

Yikes, I’m so late posting Saturday Scavenger Shots. The weekend kept me hopping for the most part, but usually I like to post a photo or two on time for the game. Well I’m here now, so without further adewww…

MHW from “The Northern Sky Chronicles” picked the word “animal” for last Saturday’s word. My first idea was to load this post with oodles of cat photos, but then I found this one from years ago:

I don’t know where we were in this shot, but I never get tired of feeding the animals. Especially when they’re adorable like that sheep and goat.

Stay tuned for next week’s word, “egg”, chosen by Ms. Laura! Let’s get crackin’!


6 thoughts on “B’lated Saturday Scavenger Shots!

  1. Laura: Yup, we shell out the money and they get fed and pet! Good deal for them! :)

    Silly Rabbit: That’s little ole me! Thank you!

    MHW: Thanks! I love the little sheep in the background, waiting for some treats.

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