“I’m _____ for tryin’ and ______ for cryin’…”

Well, I’m late for the game, but I’m ready now! Silly Rabbit chose the word “crazy” for this week’s edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots! Thanks Silly Rabbit!

This is the Taramobile. It’s the first car I have ever had that has a built-in CD player. As soon as I signed that lease, I began making mixed CDs to play in the car. The Patsy Cline song, “Crazy” is on two of those CDs, and I love to sing that song on the way to work, home or anywhere in between.

Joshua goes crazy over a game of “hunt the shoelace”. Anyone who tries to grab it from him had better have antiseptic and bandaids nearby. He has been known to swipe too aggressively with his claws.

This is Joshua when he was a kitten. He had crazy, googly eyes back then.

Stay tuned for next Saturday when our word will be “animal”, chosen by our favorite Canadian, Mrs. Hairy Woman from “Northern Sky Chronicles”! Great word, MHW!


4 thoughts on ““I’m _____ for tryin’ and ______ for cryin’…”

  1. Oh nice examples of crazy! I too love to sing that Patsy Cline song “Crazy”. Joshua is serious about his shoe lace! What a beautiful cat and kitten he is/was. I bet you are crazy about him! Ha!

  2. Great shots of Joshua.. he is a tempermental cutie when it comes to playing with toys..lol

    I love that song.. and The Judds have one with Crazy in it too..

  3. I love the way you worked the song “Crazy” into your post! Very clever…and I love that song too.
    Joshua is such a pretty kitty! It is always the cute ones who are a bit crazy….

  4. Silly Rabbit: I AM crazy about that crazy cat, how did you know? ;)

    MHW: Thank you! I haven’t heard the song by The Judds yet…

    Laura B: The cute ones can get away with being crazy because of their cuteness! It’s part of their master plan. :)

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