One Little Bed

Yesterday went by so well. I love those days. My mom stayed overnight at my place on Sunday since she had to go in for an endoscopy test very early on Monday. We ate popcorn and my mom was able to catch up on a few episodes of “Justified”. Before we settled in, though, we went grocery shopping and then went back to her place to drop off the groceries. Then we had a coffee break and then headed to Kmart because they had a sale on guest beds.

My mom has been meaning to buy a small one for the times when someone stays overnight. Usually that person is me, and finally I can sleep in the guest room rather than on the couch. Yay! I’m not a diva or anything; her couch is comfy, but she’s a morning person and likes to sit on the couch and watch TV at 5:30 in the morn. Now I can sleep in and she can relax on the couch with her coffee when I stay over.

Anyway, we didn’t even have to look for the bed at Kmart. My mom asked the lady at the customer service desk if they had any left. She had a coworker bring one up. They held onto it for us while we bought a few more items and then they helped us put the bed in my car. The box it was in was a little too big to fit neatly into my trunk, so we put it in the backseat. It took lots of shoving and adjusting to get it in there, but the Kmart associate finally succeeded. Yay!

Well when it came time to get the bed out of my car, it would not budge. Oops. We resolved to cut up the box later the next day and then just slide the bed out of the box.

My mom’s procedure at the hospital went really well and the doctor was pleased with everything. My brother was able to take my mom home and she called me later to let me know she was home safely. I thought she’d sound hoarse since she had the scope down her throat, but she sounded great and felt much better! She’s also going to switch back to the meds that didn’t cause her so much pain. Let’s hope that sets her on the right track for recovery! Thank you for all of the happy health wishes for her!

Back to the bed issue….My mom invited me over for dinner yesterday. I gathered up everything I had of hers during my lunch hour and then once I reached her place after work, I thought I’d get the bed out of the car too. I had a box cutter in my purse, so I started to use it. My hands were freezing, but I didn’t want to put on gloves until I was sure I could get the bed out. I toiled until finally I could slide the bed out of the box and out of the car. Whew! Then I got the rest of the box out and headed to the trash can. The box was too big for the trash, so I had to break it up. I glanced down at my right hand and noticed I was bleeding. Oops. Somehow…either with the blade or the cardboard, I sliced a knuckle. It didn’t hurt, but it was a nuissance. As Jesse Ventura says in “Predator”, “I ain’t got time to bleed.”

After all of that, I’m happy to say that the bed looks awesome. I tested it out once we unfolded it and it’s super comfy. That’s important!

5 thoughts on “One Little Bed

  1. I’m happy to hear that your mom’s procedure went well!

    How cool to have your own little bed when you go to your mom’s. I bet you’ll feel a bit possessive if she has other guests! Now, how’s your knuckle?

  2. Tim: I just can’t have sharp things. Take the scissors away too.

    Laura: Thank you, we’re both relieved that it went well, and it’s one less thing to worry about now. My knuckle is already on the mend, thank you! I doused it with soap and water, then Purell (youch) then some Neosporin.

    Silver: Ha, don’t be afraid. :) My mom actually gave it to me, but I forgot that it was in my purse. Handy tool, though, when it’s not slicing into my skin!

  3. That’s great your Mom is feeling better.. Hope her meds help too.
    We recently bought a new mattress for our bed.. we had it delivered that day and I had it set up before BHM and Graeme arrived home..
    But I still had to take all the cardboard and plastic off.. which is a pain..

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