Saturday Scavenger Shots: Cook

Well hello there! This week’s word for Saturday Scavenger Shots was “cook”.

This is broccoli that people usually cook one way or another. On that particular day, though, I thought it looked like a tree from “Lord of the Rings”.

When it comes to cooking, I usually like to bake desserts like this chocolate cake. It was excellent with a glass of milk.

“Pizza, Pizza!”

Those are my photos for today’s word! I’m going to mix things up and choose Mrs. Hairy Woman to pick the next word! Are you up for it, MHW?


7 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Cook

  1. Better watch that brocolli doesn’t walk away then.. he he he.. Pizza is awesome and very tasty.. so versatile..and cake.. who doesn’t love choclate cake..??

    I pick “SPRING” for next week!

  2. It does look like one of the trees from Lord of the Rings. I really liked those guys! But I don’t think that I could COOK one!
    You simply cannot go wrong with chocolate cake! Or pizza! Your pictures are making me hungry! Very yummy.
    Oooh! Spring is a great word!

  3. Silver: Yeah, me too! Especially for pizza.

    Tim: It was really good. Greasy, but good.

    MHW: Thank you for choosing the word! “Spring” is a nice, positive word.

    Silly Rabbit: From my description about the cake, I made it sound like I ate the whole thing in one sitting. Lol. I paced myself and shared.

  4. Laura: Thank you! I’m looking forward to “Spring”! Isn’t everyone? :)

    Um, and the trade with the broccoli and pizza…that doesn’t sound like a good deal for me. How bout we have a side of broccoli and maybe forget to eat it after we both eat the pizza? :D

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