Some Kibbles and Bits

Today is Presidents’ Day, but I have to work. We have a skeleton crew here, because students have class. Two of us had to sit at the front desk at different times, and I chose the later half of the day 1:30pm to 7pm. That wasn’t the best timing, really, because I forgot about choir. I’ll be able to attend the regular choir practice on time, though.

I’m not enthused about choir at the moment; mainly because my friend dropped out for awhile. She was the buffer zone between me and the Cackler. In the regular choir it’s okay because there are more sopranos, but in chamber choir, there are just a few of us.

I had a doctor’s appointment recently. I didn’t expect to see the doctor, because he was about to go on vacation. However, I did need a refill on my medicine and I needed a blood test to make sure I’m at the right dosage. So I made an appointment to go during my lunch break. Once I found out I’d be able to see him, I figured I’d tell him about my left foot. For a few months now it has been bothering me when I walk, especially in the heel and one side of my foot.

Anyway, I waited for the doctor…and waited. I think I waited there for a good (or bad) 45 minutes. Meanwhile, I’m getting more and more nervous that I’d be late back to work, even though I told them I might be late. I was also a tad hungover because I had lots of wine the night before. Not a good idea. Anyway, my blood pressure was tested twice; once with the nurse before he came in and once by the doctor.

I confessed to him that I drink a lot, and that was very difficult for me to confess. I felt terrible, like I was turning myself in or something! He told me to cut back on the booze and to also stick to a low sodium diet; under 2,000mg a day. That’s not usually a problem for me, as I don’t use too much salt.

He examined my foot, too, and said that I have plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the thick tissue under the foot. He said I could take Motrin for the pain and then gave me a pamphlet about foot stretches and exercises.

That’s the scoop right now. How are you doing?


10 thoughts on “Some Kibbles and Bits

  1. More than anyone, I think it’s hard to tell your doctor the truth about somethings. I don’t know why that should be, but it is what it is. It’s good that you were able to tell him the truth though, it doesn’t do any good to hide things.

  2. I hope your friend will come back to choir..
    Sometimes its harder to tell your doctor than a friend..Hungover’s aren’t the best..
    Ouch on the foot.. I have plantar’s wart which can be bothersome and painful.. but I’m not paying some specialist to tell me what I already know.. and all I want is for it to be removed..

    Hope it heals up soon..!
    Happy Belated President’s Day!

  3. Oooohhh… that hurts! I had that myself. Do the stretches and exercises. They really do help a lot. I eventually had to get some orenthotic shoe inserts. They are wonderful.

    I don’t enjoy social situations where I am exposed to people who make me uncomfortable. Its a shame its affecting your joy at choir. Boo!
    I think I fear telling my doctor because I know he will judge me and say things I don’t want to hear that I already know. You were brave for being honest. =:]

  4. Hope your friend is able to come back to choir at some point. A buffer sounds like a really good thing to have :)
    It is great that you were honest with your Dr. That is how they can actually be helpful…and he had some good tips for you!

  5. Silver: It was easier to tell my mom how much I drink than it was to tell my doctor! Weird.

    MHW: Haha..”heal”. :) It feels like the exercises are working, and I even found more online that I could do. Thank you for the President’s Day wishes! I did manage to sleep in that, before going to work.

    Silly Rabbit: I figured my doctor would judge me, too, or slap my wrist. Lol. He didn’t say much, but he took notes. Sometimes that’s scary, too!

    Laura: Yeah, it’s nice to have that extra person to distract the Cackler. Ha, my poor friend. We need more sopranos in the group!

  6. Well done for being honest with your doctor, that isn’t an easy thing. I’m changing my doctor and have to go see the new one and I’m sure they’ll ask a lot of questions. Its a worry what to really say. Hope you get some relief from the cackler soon ….

  7. The exercises really work for PF…
    And I’m realllly surprised to read that you drink too much! I wonder what too much is… More than a glass? You don’t need to tell me…

  8. NoR: I should’ve responded much earlier…like…in February! Sorry about that! I was drinking way more than a glass.

    Regarding the exercises, yes, they do help! I also bought a few pairs of flats and that has helped too.

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