“Oh, but the fire went wild…”

Happy Saturday! I chose the word “fire” for today’s edition of “Saturday Scavenger Shots”. Let’s get to it!

I walked past the Firefighter’s Monument during my walkathon last summer. It was the first time I had ever seen this particular monument and I had to take a photo of it.

Rewind a few years ago, and this was the fire my brother started in their fire pit so that we could roast marshmallows! The fire looks purple here.

Autumns in Ohio create some of the prettiest foliage. Sometimes the trees look like they’re on fire.

There’s my contribution to this week’s word! Now we turn to Laura for next week’s word!


5 thoughts on ““Oh, but the fire went wild…”

  1. What an awesome firefighter’s memorial! I love it. I forgot about how fire has so many colors! That tree does a good impression of fire. Nature repeating herself? Great pics and word Tara.

  2. Silly Rabbit: Fall is one of my favorite seasons here because the trees turn all sorts of colors.

    MHW: It was a fun night with the group of us hanging out, laughing and snackin’ on s’mores!

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