Just Add Water!

Welcome to another installment of Saturday Scavenger Shots! It was Laura’s turn to pick the word, and she chose “water”!

Want some Jello? Just add water to the mix and let it chill for awhile. Presto! You’ve got a tasty dessert!

Here’s some snow. It is “a form of precipitation within the Earth’s atmosphere in the form of crystalline water ice”, so sayeth “Wikipedia”.

Ducks LOVE water.

Laura has chosen me to choose the next word! Thank you, LB! I choose….FIRE. It’s not usually a pleasant word to hear, especially if someone shouts it, but I thought I’d go with the earth, wind, fire and water theme! Have fun with “fire”, but be careful.


5 thoughts on “Just Add Water!

  1. Oh I like these examples of water! I did not think about how water changes form like that. Very clever! As for ducks in water… I LOVE ducks! Even the ones that don’t play football. Ha! Really. I used to have one for a couple of years. Best watch “animal” we ever had. And duck eggs make the best waffles. Mmmmm…

    Fire sounds like a great word. I’ll start thinking about it now. I’m liking this element theme.

  2. Great examples.. can’t wait to do Fire..

    I’m looking at plenty of precipatation in the form of snow.. and I’m not liking it very much..he he..
    Ducks do love water.. I haven’t met one that didn’t..lol

  3. Silly Rabbit: There are both ducks and geese at the pond by my apartment, and also by the pond near my mom’s place. The geese are almost always temperamental, but the ducks seem to just shrug and walk away. The ducklings are so cute.

    MHW: Thanks! I’m not liking the snow, either. The sun’s out today, though, and it cheers me up.

  4. Great post! And I must say, I do love Jello :)

    I know why geese scare me a little when they get to close, because I’ve seen them get aggressive…not sure why ducks scare me a little too. Maybe they’re just too much like geese in my mind.

    Fire! Oh, I like that. Thanks very much Tara!

  5. Laura: A goose bit my nephew once, when he was just a toddler. He reached out to the goose (probably not a good idea), and the goose just clamped down on his hand. They’ve hissed at me in the past, especially when I’m too close to their goslings. I understand, but jeez, relax geese!

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