Ticket to Hell, Please!

The Cackler was back in action tonight. Before Chamber Choir practice started, we were all kind of chatting and catching up. I greeted the Cackler who greeted me back. Then she said something that I didn’t hear too well, so I responded with, “What?” She said, “I asked you how you were doing, but I guess that was a trick question! *cackle*” Grrr. I joked about it, which probably wasn’t the best idea because that just encourages her, but I also didn’t want to start anything uncomfortable.

Later on while singing a particular song, I accidently sang a bit of a part for the Altos. The Cackler caught this immediately, and while our director was giving the altos more…well…direction, the Cackler took it upon herself to hand me her pencil to add notes to the song so that I don’t sing it again. I was just about to reach for my own pencil, but I’m so glad she was there for me. I did say, “Oh, I was about to grab my own pencil…” but it was lost in her cloud o’smugness.

Speaking of clouds, the Cackler had a bad funk tonight. It smelled like dirty clothes and old sweat. It made me nauseous. Thankfully I was able to move away from her and into a different pew (no pun intended) during regular choir practice. The lady next to me is more approachable and easier to talk to, but she leaned over to me to tell me something and it smelled like she had eaten pickles wrapped in garlic. Fine, I could take that smell anyday instead of the other odor.

My friends and I joke with each other at work whenever we catch ourselves acting juvenile and we say, “Ticket to Hell, please!” We even chose our friend J to be the designated driver, which he loved.


7 thoughts on “Ticket to Hell, Please!

  1. She sounds so annoying! Isn’t she lucky that you aren’t like her and pointed out that she was stinky? Moving away is about the only way you can handle that. Glad that you escaped!

  2. We have a few customers at work that smell really bad, Sunday I was at work and two of those customers were at the register next to me, standing right at my back. Oh my lord I seriously thought I was going to be sick. I actually felt sick for a good time after they left.

  3. Oh my. You are so patient with The Cackler! Let’s see…unwashed body odor or garlic pickles…at least one was good once-upon-a-time :)
    Ticket to Hell, please! I love that. I’ll have to remember that, it could come in handy…

  4. Silly Rabbit: There’s a girl I work with who would probably point that out to the Cackler. She (my coworker) has gone so far as to give one of our other coworkers a bottle of deoderant!

    Silver: That smell certainly sticks in your memory, doesn’t it? Yikes!

    Laura: Yeah, pickles and garlic smell like roses compared to the B.O.!

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