Phone Prank

A few weeks ago at work, I was sitting at my desk, talking to three of my coworkers. The phone rang, but before I could answer it, the person hung up. It happens. I returned to the conversation already in progress, but the phone rang again and the same thing happened. This went on several times, and I was getting frustrated.

I glanced over at my friend, R, who was giving me a signal with her eyes that our friend M was the culprit. I looked at M and snapped, “Is that you??” Everyone laughed and M said, “I was wondering when you’d catch on!” He had been dialing my number the whole time while he was standing at my desk, but he was hiding the phone where I couldn’t see it. My friend R said, “I wasn’t going to say anything, but I started to see the fire in your eyes.” :D Then our friend J said he was getting mad too, because he thought something was wrong with the phone and he’d have to fix it.

Anyway, if you want to irritate your coworkers, try pulling that nifty little prank on them and wait for their reactions. Some might not laugh, though. You’ve been warned.


5 thoughts on “Phone Prank

  1. Things like that can be frustrating! I don’t prank others and try to be a good sport when I am pranked. But I have had a prank backed by fun and good intentions go wrong and ended up not funny at all. People need to judge the mood of the one who is to be pranked and be sure its a good time and they will find it funny!

  2. Silver: He stocks up on practical jokes? America’s Funniest Videos usually has a contest entry that involves playing pranks on people. He could win big money!

    MHW: I haven’t tried to play the other side of the hang up game. It might be fun, but I’d have to judge the atmosphere. Then I’d probably get the giggles and the jig would be up for me. :)

    Laura: Yeah, I’m not into those either, or at least I’m not a fan of being the victim.

    Silly Rabbit: That particular guy has a difficult time judging the mood. Sometimes when I’m on the phone at the front desk, he’ll reach over and act like he’s going to hang up the phone.

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