Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Organize”

Hello there, lovely bloggers! I’m not too late to post a photo for Saturday Scavenger Shots. I picked the word “organize” because I have been in a mood to organize the photos I have collected.

I removed some old and repetitive photos from albums and just gave the albums a bit of a makeover. Then I bought a few more photo albums because I like to start fresh.

I have a few smaller albums that are now empty because I relocated them to the new album. This is what I’ve been up to lately, when there hasn’t been much stress (okay, not “lately”).

Miss Laura B., would you do the honors of choosing the word for next week, please?


4 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Organize”

  1. There are some photos that I need to organize! Mine are on the wall in frames that don’t go together and sort of mish-mashed. You have inspired me to take them down and hang them properly and find new frames to replace the weird looking plastic ones that are here.

    This was a fun word Tara!

  2. I love giving phot’s a makeover.. it’s great to have fresh and newr albums ..

    I finally did my post today.. been very dis “organized”

  3. I reeeeaaaallllyyyy need to organize my photos! Both the physical ones and the digital ones need to be culled and straightened out. You have inspired me :)

    Next week’s word will be WATER. Thanks for the tag Tara!

  4. Silly Rabbit: Thank you! I have photos in frames that I need to hang! I took them down awhile back to change things around, but now I need to change things around again! :)

    MHW: I wasn’t even sure where to find photo albums at the store, since the ones that I’ve had in the past were given to me as gifts or passed down to me. Walmart had a small selection, but I picked out a few!

    Laura: Oo, “water” will be fun! Thank you for picking the new word! I haven’t even thought of organizing my digital photos. Maybe that’ll be the next project!

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