I was supposed to start choir last week, but there was an art class at the library that same night. I have had to skip the first night of choir before, but it’s not a problem if I can register the following week.

Anyway, the art class I went to last Monday was called “Zentangle”. It was co-hosted by one of my coworkers who discovered it last year. It’s an artistic form of meditation; creating “images from repetitive patterns”.

My coworker, C, sold me a Zentangle kit that consisted of a little bag, five paper tiles, a pencil, tortillion and a really nice Micron pen. No erasers! The idea of Zentangle is to relax and not worry about making mistakes. Anyway, I had that gear with me when I went to class.

They showed us four different patterns, but there are so many more patterns out there. Then we started to draw while they played some really nice, mellow music. The room was so quiet while we focused on our designs. At the end of the class, we all signed our work and put our finished tiles on a table so that the instructors and anyone else could take a photo of our work.
Here’s my tile:

Here are the tiles collected from the class:

Finally, here is one of many videos that show you how to start a design:

"How to Start a Zentangle"

It is definitely a good way to relax if you’re stressed out and want to zone out for awhile.


8 thoughts on “Tangled!

  1. That does look fun and relaxing! I’m curious about the paper “tiles”. Obviously they must be more than ordinary paper. Perhaps thicker and maybe its also the shape that makes them “tiles”? Are you restricted to that size of tile or can you use bigger tiles? Is it part of the point to have the tiles that small… as in so that they are easily transported and do not take a long time to finish?
    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing it. I’m going to have to check it out. I love stuff like this.

  2. Silly Rabbit: Yes, the tiles are made out of a thicker paper, like card stock. An official tile is 3 1/2 inches square, but I have seen people draw on bigger pieces of paper. They even sell little easles so that you can display your tile afterwards. I think the tiles are designed so that they are portable. My friend is trying to introduce Zentangle to hospitals and physical therapy clinics. She has chronic pain, and she learned to relax and feel better when she started Zentangle.

    Silver: I have casually drawn stuff while talking on the phone, but had never heard of Zentangle!

  3. How interesting! I had never heard of this before. When I was a kid, I used to do a scribble and then try to make something out of it. I know this is different, but I do think that art can be very relaxing…I can see how it could be meditative.

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