“Time, Time, Time, See What’s Become of Me….”

I did not forget about the fun game “Saturday Scavenger Shots”, but things have happened this weekend to prevent me from posting about it right away!

My mom is home from the hospital! Yay! Most of it is good, the other part means that my overactive worry gland is on code red. Because it was the weekend, I was able to spend some time with my mom while she got used to her home again, and her walker and a new way of eating. Poor chick. She wants to eat healthier, but she keeps seeing commercials for McDonalds and stuff. Her new way of eating though, might be my way of eating! I might have lost a few pounds over the weekend by eating what my mom has to eat. Good times!

Anyway, I usually try to post a photo I have taken myself for the SSS game, but the word “time” brought back a memory of a toy we used to play with in elementary school. It was the Fisher Price Clock:

Fisher-Price Clock

It’s a little bit of cheating, but the memory was real. I remembered that toy as soon as I noticed that our new word was “Time” (chosen by Missy Miss Laura B.). That works, right?


7 thoughts on ““Time, Time, Time, See What’s Become of Me….”

  1. Great to hear your Mom is back home.. It will probably take some getting use to with a new diet.. McD’s isn’t the best….lol Believe me.. those commercials force me not to go..

    memories are great.. I use to have a Holly Hobby doll.. it was great till I cut her hair and tried to put makeup on her..lol

  2. Laura: Thank you! I hope so too, because she enjoys her independence and likes to be strong enough to do things on her own.

    MHW: I remember having a Holly Hobby doll too! I saved the hair cutting and makeup stuff for my Barbie dolls. One of my friends shaved off the hair on just one side of a Barbie’s head. They don’t grow that stuff back.

    Silver: Thank you! :)

  3. Oh, I am late here! But that’s a time issue, so it counts right? I remember that clock well! It is a time piece made to teach time! Well in time with the subject word.
    I’m glad that your mom is out of the hospital and recovering, glad too that you are able to be with her some. Its hard to change old habits, especially eating habits. That’s a great way to looking at it… you help her stick to her diet change and you will have a happy result yourself. Mom can use the support I’m sure… its great you are there to give it!

  4. Silly Rabbit: Thank you! My mom and I are a good team; especially for comedy relief. :)

    Manuel: I love Fisher-Price toys, and they’re still around!

    Thank you! My mom was in the hospital because she has pancreatitis and gall stones.

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