I Store It

TGIF! I haven’t been playing along with “Friday 5” for awhile, so I thought I would today! Here goes…

1.What are your favorite storage containers like?
I prefer the Rubbermaid storage containers with handles.

2. What seems to require more time and energy to store than it’s worth?
Bedding that’s not currently in use. I was able to get rid of some recently, but I also wanted to hang on to a few comforters. They are not easy to store in a small apartment where extra space is limited. It makes me frustrated to the point where I feel like just giving away all of my bedding except the stuff I’m using. I’d regret it later, though.

3. What unusual container are you storing something in?
I have some recipes stored in an antique candy tin.

4. What packaged product has a container you really like?
Maxwell House and Folgers both have cool plastic tubs that I can reuse. Then next time I just buy a can of coffee and pour it into the tubs.

5. If you suddenly had some new storage space in your home, what would likely go there?
My ladder, Ab Circle Pro and probably the bedding that gets in my way.


4 thoughts on “I Store It

  1. 1) I am also a fan of rubber maid containers.
    2) Oh, for me correspondence is what drives me batty for storage. Making files… cleaning out files. Ick! Why can’t I just shred everything?
    3) Right now I am using an old enamel canning pot to store my crochet stuff in.
    4) I’m not sure how much I like them… but I have a ridiculous number of margarine tubs because they are so useful.
    5) I would use it for removing all the stuff we now keep for other family members so that I could use my own storage for my things instead of theirs! Honestly, I have my stuff unorganized, all here and there. because our storage space is filled up with things that don’t belong to us and no one is interested in removing their stored items… because they say that they don’t have room. Its kind of a pet peeve. Can you tell by the rant?

    PS- I did fall off the grid. I think that “Time” is a wonderful word for tomorrow! Yay!

  2. Love love love Rubbermaid.. big or small.. we some food containers.. we use all the time… we are limited for closet space.. but we acquired a Armoire a few yrs ago from Ikea and it help to hold my summer stuff.. Bedding is the worst.. I have stuff I can’t really part with..

    I will try to do this next week.. as I missed it this time..

  3. Silly Rabbit: My family members don’t usually spend the night at my place, but you’d think one sheet and comforter set would work. I’d love to drill that into my mind.

    Laura B: It really is a pain in the ass! I keep kicking one set each time I make the bed!

    MHW: It’s hard to part with some things, that’s true. I hope you get a chance to play next week!

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