The Shape of Things

Hello there, amigos! It’s Saturday Scavenger Shot time! Today’s word is “shape”.

Earlier this evening, on the way back from my mom’s place, I had to search high and low for a parking spot under a carport. I really wanted my car to have some kind of shelter because it’s really cold out. I finally found one, but it was a longer walk back to my apartment.

Then I couldn’t find my cellphone, and I thought maybe I left it in the car. I like to have my phone on my nightstand for emergencies. I have a cordless too, but, well I just didn’t feel right without the other one. So I put my boots back on and walked back to my car. We’ve had a bit of snow lately, so I was trudging through caked-up snow. I didn’t find my cellphone, so I went back to my apartment and dug through my purse a little more. It was at the bottom of my purse. I wasn’t settled, though, and thought I had left the inside lights on in the car. I went back out, checked and I found out I had turned off the lights. Reassured, I went back to my apartment for good.

Whew! I guess if I wasn’t in “shape”, that would’ve been exhausting! I’m okay, though, and blogging all about it.

Here are my photos:

That there is my Ab Circle Pro. It may look a bit sinister there, but it’s a good piece of sturdy equipment. There’s only one catch – I have to actually, you know…use it…to get into shape. I’ve used it more this year, though. If it’s out in the open like that, I feel more inclined to exercise.

Those steps are another way to get into shape! Those are located near Edgewater Park in Lakewood, Ohio. They lead down to the beach, but from this perspective, I was coming from the beach. Anyway, they’re steps.

I choose Laura B. to pick next week’s word! I hope you all had fun!


5 thoughts on “The Shape of Things

  1. Oh my goodness…I felt tired just reading about your car to apartment and back again adventures! Also, great photos…makes me think about getting in shape too. Outdoor exercise is the best!

    Thanks for tagging me! Next week’s word will be HAT :)

  2. I sometimes forget my phone on purpose.. I don’t know why.. I guess I need to text more peeps or something..

    That exercise equipment is rather odd looking.. but I hope you get the chance to use it eventually!

    Great word.. I missed due to being ill.. but I did post something today!

  3. Laura: Oo, “hat” is going to be good! Today I was able to park my car much, much closer to my apartment! It’s in the first spot, right next to the door I use!

    Silver: Yeah, mine is small and it’s black, so it blends into things in my purse. I try to keep it in the side pocket, but sometimes it slips out and into the depths.

    MHW: I know that the moment I don’t have my phone, something will happen and I’ll need it and it won’t be there.

  4. Ha! Sounds like something I would do. I am always misplacing my phone, then searching for it and I too have to go back a double check… just in case to feel settled and relaxed.
    Walking does get you into good shape! Those steps look like a fun climb… not too steep, but still a good increase.
    I’ve never tried one of those Ab thingies, but I have wondered about them. So they work? Its hard to tell when the ads for them show very fit people using them.
    Great game Tara with a great word! I’m looking forward to “Hat” and may have to do some field trip work… fun!

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