Some Ketchup….er Catch Up

Nothing much has been going on lately, but back in December my choir had our Christmas concert. That went really well, and I ran into an ex-coworker who was there with his family. They knew a few people from the choir. I had auditioned for another solo, but didn’t get it. I think I had a good chance, but someone pointed out that sometimes the director is just looking for a certain sound. Knowing how particular our director can be, that made sense to me.

The Cackler is the same – very….jovial. The main thing we have in common is our appreciation for cats. She did give me something to think about, though. She volunteers at the hospital, and it sounds like something I might like. I’d ask for more hands-on work, though. Some volunteer opportunities there involve sitting behind a desk answering phones. I do that already at my job, so I’d prefer something different; something that gets me moving. They have opportunities like that, so I’m gonna have to check it out!

Work has been okay, but there have been some cut-backs and schedules have changed. I work 12 to 9 on Wednesdays now, starting this week. At least I get to sleep in longer on those days. The sucky part is that the stretch from afternoon to evening can be long and dull. Plus, I’ll have to be back at work by 7:30 am tomorrow. When I worked that shift back in the days I was in another department, it always felt like I never left, or that I should just set up a bed in one of the classrooms.

Another change happened recently that involves my entering more information into our system. That made me light up, because I love data entry! I really do, and one of the managers just showed me the packets of stuff I’d enter and I told him that I really like doing that stuff. I think it’ll keep me busy, too.


7 thoughts on “Some Ketchup….er Catch Up

  1. haha! I’ve missed hearing about The Cackler :) Glad to hear she is still in fine form.
    I think it is great that you’d like to volunteer at the hospital. I’d be interested in hearing what that is like if you end up doing it.
    I have one late shift each week, 12-9 and it does feel like the longest day of the week by far. And even though I don’t go in until 9 the next morning, I still get that feeling like – wasn’t I JUST here?

  2. I volunteered at the hospital all the way through high school. It was okay, I kind of had to do it though so I usually didn’t look forward to it. If you are going to volunteer, do something you’ll enjoy and actually get satisfaction from.

  3. Silver: That would be my goal; to find a volunteer opportunity there that I really enjoy.

    MHW: Thank you! It’s good to see all of you on here too, like I’m going to a reunion or something! :)

  4. I think its great that you sing in the choir. I admire anyone who can sing. Ok, I envy them.

    Volunteering is a good way to use extra time. Everyone ends up gifted by it.

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