Saturday (Sunday) Scavenger Shots: Baggage

Hi there! I’m late, but here is my photo for this week’s edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots! The word, baggage, was chosen by Ms. Laura B. over at “What Fresh Hell is This?”, so let’s play along!

Okay, this is a photo of luggage, but it’s also baggage. The four matching pieces were part of a set that I found at a house sale one year. Perfect timing, as I was about to go on a trip, and I bought that set for only $20 bucks! Nice, eh? It’s good, tough luggage, too. Then the makeup case is separate, and from a set our family owned a long time ago. Usually when I take out this sort of luggage, it means that I’m off to visit my family. Our families tend to supply emotional baggage at times. They’re fun, though….Family, not the baggage.

Let’s choose a new word for next Saturday! How about…EARTH? Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone!


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