Saturday Scavenger Shots: Complicated

See this little cup? It was part of a tea set that my mom and I put up on Ebay recently. The winning bid helped me finish up on reaching my fundraising goal. Since it was an old and valuable set, we wrapped it up well. Each piece was surrounded by bubblewrap and then the box was lined with tissue and more bubblewrap. No way were we going to get a report back saying that the set was wrapped wrong.

Still, the guy emailed us and said that, although everything was packed well, there was a crack on one of the little cups that we must have overlooked. He sent us photos of the cup and then asked for a refund – either full or partial.

Sounds easy, right? Well my mom and I didn’t see eye-to-eye on the whole refund thing, and we both overreacted with each other and made the entire thing more complicated than necessary. Thinking about it ruined most of my weekend last week, which is silly now, but once those thoughts creep in, there’s no telling them to stop.

Finally on Monday, we settled it. The guy got some of his money back, we saved money and he even gave us a good review. So much complication though, over one little cup.

Oh and today’s word was “complicated”. Hope you had fun with the word!


6 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Complicated

  1. I wish I couldn’t relate so well to that story. I can’t count the times I’ve let small things become big things without any good reason.
    I’m glad you and your mom came to an agreement and that the situation ended up working out on all sides.
    That tea set looks very beautiful, too.

  2. What a cute little cup! I don’t know why things get complicated like that. I do it too. And I have to agree that once the thought get into my brain… it festers. Glad it was solved and all turned out happy. Sorry I didn’t play this week. I’ll be back next week.

  3. Everyone: I thought I commented on your replies here, but I didn’t! I’m sorry!

    My mom and I have clashing personalities sometimes. I am glad that I listened to her advice and waited instead of giving in and paying half of what we received, but holy crap, she bugged me enough about it! :)

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