“I’ve got keys to crap I’ve never owned!”

This week was blah. Not terrible, but not glorious, either. But it is time for the fun game called Saturday Scavenger Shots! The lovely Laura B. over at “What Fresh Hell is This?” served up the word “key”. As Antonio Banderas’s character calmly said in “Desperado”, “Let’s play.”

I’m sure that each key on both keychains has a purpose. The one on the left with all of the keys and cards is the group I usually search for, but the smaller group is work-related. Sometimes I tend to leave those at work, but then I’m locked out. I’m not helpful to anyone in the morning if I am not the keymaster. Know what I mean?

Here’s a giant key that helps me keep track of my keys! I had a wooden sign at the other apartment, but it actually spelled out “keys”. This one just says, “Hey, I’m a giant key.” I painted it myself. Aren’t I the crafty one?

Okay, so next week’s word will be “COMPLICATED”. I have a story for that one, and hopefully my story will be in the past rather than present and ongoing.


6 thoughts on ““I’ve got keys to crap I’ve never owned!”

  1. Looking at those keys reminds me that as a child I enjoyed being given or finding a key that an adult no longer wanted. There is something magical about owning a key and imagining it is for a special garden or treasure box, as a child.

  2. Are you Vince Clortho, keymaster of Gozer? Ah, the color of that giant key says that you are…a painter of giant keys. I am now intrigued at what next week’s word has in store. I really have to keep paying attention.

  3. You are a secret janitor! I knew it! FW’s comment reminded me of how Handsome Lad used to LOVE keys when he was a little fellow. He had a collection and could play with them endlessly. And everywhere we went, we’d have to go slowly so he could try his keys on any lock we happened upon. As a special treat, I’d occasionally buy him a padlock and key to play with :-) Can’t believe I forgot all that for my post!
    I am intrigued by the word. And I can use it, for sure.

  4. FW: When I was in school, I used to have a diary that opened up with a key. I loved the secrecy.

    Jasen: Hi! Yes, I am Vince Clortho the Keymaster, but you can call me Tara.

    BabyBull: Hello to you, too! I haven’t gone through my keys, recently, to figure out if I can remove any of them, but I’m sure there are a few that are unnecessary. :)

    Laura: Thankfully I can talk about my “complicated” story as past tense. Couldn’t say that this weekend, though! I’m looking forward to what all of you post!

    NoR: Yes, the amazing, talking key hanger! The people who made the singing fish could probably do the same thing with a key holder.

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