Songs and Pigtails

Here are two, random childhood memories that resurfaced just a few moments ago. I shared one story with a coworker who then asked, “Have you had a liquid lunch today?”

Anyway, when I was a little kid, my family used to sing the song, “Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-de-ay”, mainly because my name was in the song. Well, I didn’t like it. I think I even told them that I didn’t like the song. Thinking about it now, I don’t know what caused me to dislike it so much, so it got me laughing. This was the story that concerned my coworker. She asked if I had just had a “liquid lunch”.

Story two was a memory that followed the flashback of my reaction to the previously mentioned song. I was a quiet, happy kid and rarely complained, but if I really didn’t like something, I let my parents know. Again, this was back when I was a little kid; back when my mom would do-up my hair each day. She decided one day to give me pigtails. Fine! When she was finished, she picked me up and showed off my new do in the mirror. I shouted, “No!” She put me down fast and the pigtails were removed. I have nothing against pigtails now, though. Go figure.


5 thoughts on “Songs and Pigtails

  1. Awwww! That first story reminds me of my son Secret Agent Man (Paul). Sometimes we would sing “Polly Wolly Doodle all the day” and he HATED it.

    Liquid lunch :-) If only we needed that to get so silly, right? :-)

  2. Ha! We used to sing the Nickalodean song to our Nick… he absolutely hated it too. I don’t know why that is so fun, but if its not you, it is!
    I loved my pigtails and cried for days when my mother cut them off. =:/

  3. Laura: Although the thought of a liquid lunch was tempting that day, I’m glad I was high off of my own goofiness! :)

    Silly Rabbit: It’s funny how certain songs hit us wrong, especially as kids! I don’t remember crying when my mom would have my hair cut. I think I liked the attention of a new hairdo…But please no pigtails! :)

  4. My siblings used to sing that song to me as well. But they changed the words to – “There is no school today. Our teacher passed away. I shot her yesterday…” And that made me like the song even less. It seemed so mean to me.

  5. Churlita: Wow, I never heard that version! Siblings are twisted, aren’t they? There used to be a commercial out about a bank, and the person sang, “Tararaboomdeeaye, I got my loan today!” Will that song haunt us forever? :)

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