Evidentiary Support

Well I didn’t think I’d be up for the Friday 5 this week, but Laura B. inspired me! Here are my answers:

What could serve as physical evidence that you sometimes lose focus?
– The unfinished, latch-hook rug I have in my closet. I was so determined to get un-hooked from Facebook and start a new project, but I lost focus…and interest.

What could serve as physical evidence that you are loved?
– Well me, I guess! My parents loved me (still do) and raised me and here I am today! I also have saved many of the greeting cards I received from my family and friends.

What could serve as physical evidence that you’re from wherever you’re from?
– My Northern Inland accent, I suppose. I didn’t even realize I had an accent until one of my sisters-in-law noticed that we (the good people of Cleveland, Ohio) have a nasaly accent. Hmmph.

What could serve as physical evidence that you went anywhere this past week?
– A receipt from the car dealership saying that my car is in tip top shape after an oil change, car wash and an inspection! Oh and the leftover scars on my feet from last weekend.

What could serve as physical evidence that you recently caved in to temptation?
– The empty container of Pringles and the wrappings from a candybar. Oops! Tee hee. Yeah, I don’t feel guilty.


3 thoughts on “Evidentiary Support

  1. Okay… I’m a day late, but I’d like to play!
    1) Oh dear… when I write letters, I sometimes insert a word heard in the background as I write instead of the word I’m intending to put there. Ha.
    2) This one is easy for me… my wedding and engagement rings… because my new MIL loved me enough to pass them on to her son and because he slipped them on my finger. =:) This is the man who told me the fist time we dated that he never planned on getting married again.
    3) Now this one is hard. Californians don’t have accents. I certainly do not look like anything associated with Hollywood. I guess I’ll have to say my birth certificate!
    4) Ha! I have pictures!
    5) Well… there is that empty vodka bottle in the recycle. =;]

  2. Laura: Thank you! :) As for temptation, we have to give in to some or we’d feel like we were neglecting what makes us happy! Otherwise, we’re following too many rules. That’s just not right.

    Silly Rabbit: Yup, I have an empty bottle of wine that reminds me of some of my temptations!

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