Dude, that is messed up!

I am so messed up right now. My coworker took a vacation day yesterday and had asked me if I could work her shift, which began at 12 and lasted until 9pm. Because she’ll bend over backwards to help me when I take vacation or sick days, I wanted to help her out this time. Dear God, that shift was long and dull! I’ve worked a 12 to 9 shift before when I was in the other department, but I didn’t have to stay put at my desk the whole time. Last night, I did, and the phone rarely rang. Now, because I worked late, my mind has decided that today is Friday. That’s not good for anyone.

Then this morning I was in a mood. I still get students and grads who will talk about how the department I used to work in had “screwed” them, and I take it very personally. Even if they’re not talking about me specifically, it still hurts. Then, knowing that I’d better pick myself up and let it go, I need to dig into my memory bank and think of clear examples of when I was helpful, and those memories seem dim and flimsy. It’s that pesky, fragile self-esteem coming back to haunt me. I guess I could see it as a good thing that I care about that kind of thing, but I don’t need to be thinking about that when I’m tired. I was so close to tears this morning while I was making my bed, but I didn’t want to mess up my makeup before work. Priorities! Instead, I changed the sappy song that was playing on my iTunes and played “The Humpty Dance” instead. That helped a bit.

How are you feeling today? Need to vent?


5 thoughts on “Dude, that is messed up!

  1. I always need to vent. And I’m glad you did today. Sounds well deserved. I know for me, changes in my regular schedule, good or bad, can throw me off. Just think…the weekend is almost here! Also sorry that you have to hear so much negative feedback about your past dept.’s efforts on their behalf. People forget that it is in your best interest to help them! I am sure the poor job market has something to do with all this negativity. Things will get better…and then like in Muriel’s Wedding, everyday will be like Dancing Queen…or The Humpty Dance :-)

  2. Ugh. Hate days like that! I too am affected by people’s attitudes and take pride in what I do… then feel defensive and somewhat hurt when that happens. But it is because we care!

    But on the bright side… and I’m really searching for a bright side… yesterday everyone seemed out of sorts. Maybe its the solar flares causing us all to be a bit negative. I’d like to believe that.

    I don’t know the Humpty song! I’m going to go and look it up.

  3. Laura B: I haven’t vented on here in a long time, have I? It definitely helped, thank you!
    The job market had so much to do with why it was such a struggle for everyone. I think some students thought we could just snap our fingers and have them in a job by the next day. I wish it could’ve happened that easily!

    Silly Rabbit: Well I think this weekend is a full moon, and people usually act out of sorts during that time. Maybe they were trying to get all the madness out of the way! Oh, you should go on YouTube and look up “The Humpty Dance”. The lyrics are…um…interesting. Good beat, though!

  4. You sound like I do when I’m PMS’ing. I take everything too personally and then get a little weepy a little too easily. I guess the good thing for me, is that I know it will be over in a day or two. Hopefully, you will feel better soon as well…And if not, you can always play The Humpty Dance again.

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