Saturday Scavenger Shots: Problems

One of the problems I dealt with recently was when I sent a crock I sold on Ebay to the person who won the item. I put lots of bubblewrap around that thing and surrounded it with newspaper and other cushioning. Then I had it marked “fragile” and insured it. Here’s the crock that my mom bought a long time ago to add to her collection:

Well, something went awry en route to the destination, and the crock was shattered.

Thankfully, the person who bought the item sent me photos and I was able to send them a refund and then report the insurance claim to the U.S. Postal Service. I received a check in the mail last month for $60! As sad as it was to have an item damaged, the process that followed went really well.

The word, “problems” has been brought to us by Silly Rabbit of “Down Silly Rabbit’s Hole”. Thank you, Silly Rabbit!


6 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Problems

  1. Well your crock problems sure ended well! I’m sorry it broke though… it was such a nice one. Good thing you did the insurance on it. I’m guessing it was more than you sold it for on ebay. Was it?

  2. Laura: I was very impressed with how quickly everything was resolved! The guy even gave me a good review after everything!

    Silver: Yeah, I have received cracked CD cases, too. I hope that the CDs you received were in better shape!

    Silly Rabbit: I’m so relieved that I bought insurance. Yes, it was more!

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