Donut Holes and High Fives

On the second day of the walk, we wandered around Westlake, Rocky River and North Olmsted. The main areas led us through streets that overlooked Lake Erie. There were beautiful houses, too; some of them could pass for mansions.

As a group of us approached one street, there was a little tent set up in a front yard and a little kid was enthusiastically promoting donut holes and high fives. He would start out saying, “Sorry, we’re all out of high fives!” It sounded like he was saying “hot fudge” from a distance. Then he’d wait a beat and say, “Just kidding!!”

So as we approached, he said, “Sorry, I’m all out of high fives!” One of the women I was walking with said, “Okay, how about a low five?” Then the kid shouted, “I’m just kidding!” He gave us all high fives. Then as we were walking away, he shouted, “You’re doing a great job, Walkers!” He reminded me of Squirt from “Finding Nemo”, he was so darned cute.

I took a sweep van on the 2nd day that drove me to the last pit stop before lunch. Then I hopped on the shuttle that would take me to lunch. That was the lift I needed, because after I ate, I was ready to finish the route on foot.

The lunch areas were one of my favorite stops. The crew was dressed up as hippies and Sonny and Cher, and they played 60s music and handed out temporary, groovy tattoos. The lunches were simple and delicious; turkey & swiss sandwich, apple, choice of potato chips and a cookie. I never thought I’d be hungry enough for the lunches, but once I’d sit down on the grass to relax and eat, I was all energized.

More info tomorrow! Here are some more photos:

This was what we woke up to on the second day; a beautiful, morning sky!

Here’s a photo of my tent! It was all cozy in there, and the sleeping bag was pretty comfortable after a long day of standing on my feet! Other people brought air mattresses, which also seemed like a good idea if you could fit them in there. Each tent was supposed to accomodate two people.

These ladies were among the many who cheered for us and kept us cool by spraying water on us as we walked down the streets. They were very cheerful and kept us going!

This is the sort of view we saw while walking down the streets near the lake. Not a bad view for people who live there, either!

Memorial tents were set up at the camp for reflection and remembrance…

Here’s a photo of one side of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame & Museum…..


4 thoughts on “Donut Holes and High Fives

  1. I can imagine how wonderful the lunches would be after a long morning of walking! I love how you guys had so many people along the way to encourage you. I would think that would be really truly helpful.

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