Satuesday Scavenger Shots – Logical

Well hey there! I’m finally blogging again after an extended weekend. I have a few posts in mind; this one and also one where I talk about my weekend adventure.

First, it was my turn to choose the Saturday Scavenger Shots word. I chose the word, “logical”.

Serious "Ouchie"

This is a photo of my poor, right foot. Let me explain. During my weekend, I had blisters on the bottoms of both feet, and even a blister on the bottom of one toe. Since the medical crew was busy bandaging up more serious problems, I taped myself up so that I could walk without pain. I’m independent and was eager to start walking that day. It was only logical to take care of myself. So I wrapped tape around my foot.

After that long day, I was ready to take a long, hot shower. I took my bandages off, but took the tape off too fast and ripped a healthy layer of skin off of my big toe. It didn’t hurt right away, but I do remember looking down at the damage and saying, “Oh, crap.” The next logical step was to clean it, so I got in the shower and waited for the pain to arrive. It did not let me down.

Anyway, this is my right foot after the weekend walk-a-thon. Still sore, but clean and medicated. Oh, and the stripe across my foot is what happens when I get a blister from wrapping my foot incorrectly. Eh, what can ya do?


5 thoughts on “Satuesday Scavenger Shots – Logical

  1. Youch! I recall well that feeling when something like this occurs and you see it before you feel it… and you know its coming!

    Good job on the logical choice of cleaning it and your preparations pre-walk. I bet it could have been much worse. That’s quite a distance you trod! Congratulations on finishing. That was awesome!

  2. LB: Yeah, it looked brutal to me too! I had two people work on my feet during the weekend, and honestly I would’ve preferred to do it myself. They helped, but they were hot, cranky and didn’t know my feet the way I did.

    Silly Rabbit: Thank you!! I feel good about the whole weekend now. Tonight, I felt like doing it all over again! I must be tired and delirious. ;)

    Churlita: I took that photo yesterday, so it hasn’t quite healed yet. It’s on its way, though. How are you and the guy feeling after RAGBRAI?

    Tim: Hi! Yeah, no, not the best souvenir. I’d prefer a pin or something, which I have. Blisters and other skin drama I could’ve done without!

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