Saturday Scavenger Shots: Bear

Happy Saturday!! Laura B. chose our word this week, and she chose “bear”! Let’s claw right into the theme.

Here’s my little Steiff Teddy Bear, chilling out in his favorite chair. I have to give him a hug whenever I take him out of the cupboard. Wouldn’t you?

Here’s another little bear I have, but he lounges on my bed. He looks very confused and adorable in this photo because I gave him huge bear claws. My brother bought those wooden claws for me when he first transferred to Canada. They are supposed to be used to toss salad, but I always forget to use them for that purpose. Instead, I use them for the Saturday Scavenger Shots word! They are put to use!

For next week, let’s play with the word: LOGICAL. Hmm! Gotta think about that one!


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