Fricken-Fracken Bric-n-Brack!

Hey it’s Saturday and time for Saturday Scavenger Shots! We have a new playa er player and her name is Silly Rabbit from the interesting blog called “Down Silly Rabbit’s Hole”! Check it out! She chose the word “bric-n-brac”. Let’s play!

Bric-n-Brac Cupboard


More Bric-n-Brac!

Bless this Bric-n-Brac

I have had this corner cupboard for years. I even painted it myself when I was much younger. It holds all of the things that might be considered bric-n-brac.


3 thoughts on “Fricken-Fracken Bric-n-Brack!

  1. Silly Rabbit: Thanks! That’s my more organized bric-a-brac. I have junk drawers and closet that contain more random bric-a-brac.

    Laura: I like your bric-a-brac; especially the Teddy bears!

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