“Sun-ny Day, Sweepin’ the Clouds Away!”

Hey blogging friends! I’m sorry I’m late for Saturday Scavenger Shots. This week’s word was “sun”! Here are my photos:

I took this photo in a little church in the valley/Metroparks. It’s in a historical village, and they still hold weddings in there. I love stained-glass windows, and the SUN compliments them when it shines through them.

Speaking of the SUN, here it is, above the puffy clouds!

At first I thought this was a shot of the SUNrise, but the SUN was actually setting here. I took this at the rec center we hold our graduation ceremonies in, and I was packing up my car to go home at the end of a long but successful day.

Here’s another stained-glass window catching some SUN in the same church. I told you I love those windows!

Well thank you for stopping by and checking out my belated contribution to Saturday Scavenger Shots! Silly Rabbit is the chosen one for next week’s word, and she chose: Bric-a-Brac! Well that’ll be a fun challenge! I’m curious to see what everyone will come up with for that word! Please play along! The more the merrier…and zanier! :)


3 thoughts on ““Sun-ny Day, Sweepin’ the Clouds Away!”

  1. I have always been fascinated by the sun coming through stained glass windows. You can almost hear angels hum. Isn’t that funny how you look at old photos and you can’t tell if it’s dawn or dusk until you start thinking about what you were doing at the time. Bright blue sky and puffy clouds with a sparkly sun… that’s the best day. =:)

  2. I LOVE stained glass windows…so beautiful with the SUN shining through them! I have trouble telling sunrise from sunset, based on the quality of the light, or whatever it is. And I have known to get confused when East Coast friends post pictures of the sun over the ocean :-)
    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s bric-a-brac!

  3. Silly Rabbit: I love sky shots! They’re either cheerful or fascinating or both.

    Laura: The sunrise/sunset photos stumped me for a few minutes and then I noticed the parking lot and the cars and thought, “Oh yeah, now I know!”

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