Excuse You?

You Are Fat

You are by no means fat, but you are like fat in that you can easily absorb what’s around you.

You are easily influenced by both the good and bad people in your life. It’s important for you to be around people you want to be like.You are a comforting and calming force. Without your presence, people feel unsatisfied.

You sometimes have a reputation for being a bad influence, but you’re not nearly as dangerous as you seem.


4 thoughts on “Excuse You?

  1. Ha! That was a fun one! As it turns out I am protein.

    “You are a strong person who can be relied on in times of trouble. You are a rock.
    You seem to get through life with less problem than most people. You have a lot of power and and energy.

    You are happy, healthy, and balanced. You don’t have a lot of mood swings or outstanding issues in your life.
    You are driven, successful, and always on the go. Whenever you feel tapped out, you can dig deeper and carry on.”

    Not sure how true it is, but it said some nice things. =:) I just like meat! Ha!

  2. You are Carbs

    You are a very energetic and seductive person. You tend to be driven by your impulses, and people often find you tempting.
    Often your energy is brief and almost manic. You have a lot of ups and downs if you’re not careful.

    When you take care of yourself, you feel alert, balanced, and satisfied. You can live a very balanced life if you play your cards right.
    When you don’t take care of yourself, your life is a nightmare. You can be moody, cranky, and unpredictable.

    I’m not sure how this happened…not Blogthings twins this time! After the day I’ve had today, I can certainly agree that I can be moody and cranky.

  3. Silly Rabbit: Meat is my favorite source of protein!

    I like some of the stuff they said about me – especially about being a bad influence. Muah ha ha!

    Laura B: I couldn’t believe that we weren’t Blogthings twins this time around! The nerve of them!

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