Saturday Scavenger Shots: Utensils

My Blogthings twin, Laura, from “What Fresh Hell is This” came up with a great word for Saturday Scavenger Shots. She chose “utensil”.

Here are a few of my favorite utensils! I love the bottle opener on the right. An internet friend from another site told us that he was going on vacation somewhere, and casually asked if anyone needed anything. I joked and said to bring back a fridge magnet for me. Wish granted! He actually bought me the fish that is not only a fish, but is also a bottle opener AND a fridge magnet!

The other utensil you see there is also a big help when it’s wine time. It’s got a blade to cut the foil off of the cork, the corkscrew to get the cork out and a sharp, lifty thing that acts as a wedge in case I have problems getting the cork out of the bottle. I have such technical terms for things, don’t I?

Next week’s work will be: SUN


7 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Utensils

  1. Very useful utensils! I love the fish bottle opener / refrigerator magnet…it is fun when people bring you back a little something from their travels.
    SUN is going to be fun and very appropriate :-)

  2. Thanks Laura! I like the fish too – I love souvenirs; especially ones I can put to use!

    We’ve been having some hot weather here, so I figured sun would be fitting for many people. :)

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