“Come on, Yolanda, what’s Fonzie like?”

I’m late for Saturday Scavenger Shots, but I have some photos. They’re not new, but they’ll do. Hey, that rhymes! The theme this time was “cool”.

I was in a frenzy this morning and not feeling too good, either. Plus, I burned my arm on the iron and it took a few hours for it to stop hurting. But I’m cool now.

Our first drink on the 2004 cruise. Cool!

Cool art on the "Lake to Lake" hiking trail.....

A cool stream on a walking trail...

Now I must check out the cool blog, “What Fresh Hell is This?” and find out what the word will be for next week! Sound cool?


5 thoughts on ““Come on, Yolanda, what’s Fonzie like?”

  1. Silly Rabbit: Thanks about the photos! I’m feeling better today, and the burn will fade. I will survive! :)

    Laura B: Yeah, that drink does look really good, doesn’t it? I am feeling better for the most part – just tired. Thank you! Now I must take some photos of UTENSILS! :)

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