Blog Post Ahoy!

– Well I wanted to post a photo of the Mexican Pinwheel recipe I made for the office last week. Unfortunately, the photo didn’t accentuate the most attractive side to my dish. If I could’ve taken a photo of the actual flavor, then that would be different. I’ll just say that people liked them. Yay! Mission accomplished.

– My mom had some medical tests this past week. Always a stressful time; to be waiting for the results. The mammogram turned out normal and the heart test was cautious for a woman her age, but majorly optimistic. She just has to keep doing what she does, which is taking her regular meds. Thank God they didn’t give her new stuff, because the last time they did that, it almost drove her right back into the hospital. Anyway, good news all around!

– My lovely friend has made me an addict of the show “Dexter”. I took out the 2nd season from the library and finished it last night. I’ll need to move to the next season and the next.

– I sold some stuff on Ebay! Yay! I spent a good part of Sunday night preparing things for shipment. The things my mom gave me to sell have sold and will go towards my charity. I’m getting closer to my donation goal, but it’s been a struggle. I will never do this again. I’m sure I’ll do a walk-a-thon again for charity, but nothing that asks for more than a thousand dollars. I really appreciate all of the help and support I have received so far, though. When I do go on my walk next month, I will take photos. Not sure if my friend will be able to join me. She’s having problems reaching her goal too.

– I might be spending Thanksgiving in Arizona this year! At least three of my brothers will be there. My mom and I were invited too, along with my brother who lives in Ohio. I don’t think he’s going to go. It is so expensive to fly anymore. My mom told my brother that we wouldn’t be able to afford it this year if both of us travelled, and my brother suggested that I could travel myself since my mom didn’t feel like it. So it’s a thought! I’d love an actual vacation where I could actually go somewhere else. I love my home, but I miss the excitement of planning, packing and flying.


6 thoughts on “Blog Post Ahoy!

  1. Flavor is so hard to photograph! Glad your offering was appreciated. Also glad to hear the good news on your mom’s medical tests. My mom is 72 now and just the past couple of years has started seeming so frail to me.
    Oh. Em. Gee! Dexter is so awesome! I knew you’d appreciate it…yay for your friend!
    Sorry that it has been difficult to reach your goal. Every couple of weeks when I get paid I wait and see if I have a bit extra, but it’s just one of those years apparently. It is wonderful what you are doing though.
    I want sooooo much to have an actual traveling vacation. I will have to live vicariously through others, so I hope you are able to travel for Thanksgiving and then tell us all about it :-)

  2. I feel like that’s what I have to do lately with my paycheck. I rarely have extra, and if I do it doesn’t stick around long.

    I have to keep remembering that the amount we have to raise may be high, but it is for a worthy cause.

  3. I think its wonderful that you are raising money, no matter what you do to earn it for charity!
    Good news about your mom. It gets scary as our parents age.
    I’ve never had Mexican pinwheels… gotta look that one up, but I
    am sure it was yummy. Its it great when co-workers share like that. One of the things I miss about working!
    A trip? Awesome! You’ll have to share pics!

  4. Cooking success is always good. I keep hoping the next generation of digital cameras will incorporate taste and smell for selected pictures.

    Good to hear your mother is doing well and that you’re looking at things optimistically. She’s a strong woman and will be just fine for a long time.

    Dexter: Haven’t watched. May give it a go sometime.

    I hope you achieve your goal and hopefully I will achieve employment so I can make a donation.

    Thanksgiving+Arizona=Better weather than Cleveland.

  5. Silly Rabbit: Thanks! Yeah, I’m almost always worried about my mom these days. She’s a strong person and is very responsible for her health, but my nails are all filed down due to my biting them out of nervousness.

    Alien: Hi! Cooking success makes me feel good. It would be interesting to see the next generation be able to “taste” a recipe online from a new restaurant before its premiere.

    I don’t subscribe to any of the movie channels that charge extra, but I do recommend renting the “Dexter” series. It’s a dark comedy about a vigilante-type serial killer with a conscience.

    No worries about the donation. It has been rough for people all around.

  6. I’m glad your mom is ok. Any change can be really stressful.
    And so sorry about the fundraising thing. I’m impressed you even started doing that – I would have felt far to overwhelmed to raise that much money. It kinda pisses me off that your friend wouldn’t be able to participate if she didn’t raise enough money! Jeez…
    Go on a trip!!! You need a break!

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