“Dexter” and H’or d’oeuvres – Together at Last

Hey! I’m still here.

– My coworkers have been working and worrying extra hard recently, because of one of our yearly, intimidating audits. A manager from a particular department looked especially frazzled and ready to go postal. I felt bad for all of them, so I had the urge to make some appetizers to share the next day. I didn’t even have to cook; it was a nice, simple, Summer recipe involving cucumbers and cream cheese. I didn’t feel like making something sweet. People really liked what I fixed, so…mission accomplished!

I want to make more appetizers this week, so I’m heading over to the store to get a few ingredients. I like making stuff for the office sometimes. Not all the time, because sometimes we’ll have potlucks and I’d rather eat what other people make rather than make something myself. But when I get that feeling to play in the kitchen, I shouldn’t ignore it.

– Last Friday I found out that there was a package waiting for me at the post office. The card said the package was from my New York friend, K. It’s been awhile since we’ve sent anything to each other, but I figured it was something I’d like. We used to mail each other horror movies because, as she stated it, we are “kindred spooky spirits”. Anyway, I went on an errand run last Saturday. I actually thought out my route a bit. Everything I needed to do was located on the same street. I stopped to get my car washed first, then stopped to get some pricey gas. Then I went to the post office and picked up my package. On the way back home I renewed the tags on my car. Whew! Well actually, I didn’t go home, I went to my mom’s place to pick her up and then go shopping at Old Time Pottery. Eventually I could go home and enjoy what my friend sent me.

She sent me the DVD set of the first season of “Dexter”! Yay! We were talking about that show recently and I told her I had never seen it since I don’t subscribe to Showtime. She wanted to convert me. I love it, I am addicted. Now I need to get her hooked on “Justified”. Anyway, I watched every episode of the “Dexter” set, and reserved the 2nd season at the library. My copy is ready to be picked up. Double yay!


3 thoughts on ““Dexter” and H’or d’oeuvres – Together at Last

  1. Ooooohhhh! I love Dexter! Good for your friend for getting you hooked :-)

    Those summery appetizers sound nice. I always appreciate it when someone wants to bring their kitchen masterpieces to work with them…

  2. Laura: I can’t wait to watch the 2nd season and then next and next! :) Darn that friend o’mine! I stayed up later than I probably should have last night, watching the last episode of the 1st season.

    Silver: Definitely! It’s extremely easy – sliced cucumbers topped with Chive & Onion-flavored cream cheese. That’s all! They say you can put shredded carrots on top for decoration. I tried that, but they didn’t make the dish look good. Oh, and I also added a dash of Salt & Pepper Garlic on each one before serving.

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