Friday Freedom

I was able to check out my choir CD on a different computer the other day, and could transfer the songs to a CD that works on my computer! I was so happy that it worked. I picked out a few songs and added them to the left-hand margin if you want to listen to them.

Since today is the blissful end to a long, sometimes frustrating week, let’s play the Friday5 game!

1. What goes into your coffee or tea?
At work I take my coffee black with nothing else in it, but at home I add skim milk.

2. What goes into a good omelet?
I don’t like omelets, but I think a good, flavorful cheese like pepperjack would encourage me to try one again.

3. What goes into your ears on a good morning?
Hopefully a good, upbeat song to start the day!

4. What goes into a healthy but yummy lunch?
A Southwest chicken salad with tortilla strips on top and chipotle dressing. I had one a few weeks back and it was amazing.

5. What goes into a productive evening?
A good movie or some music and some time for relaxation – sounds good to me!


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