CD Drama

I’ve told you before that I get really excited when our concert CDs finally arrive in the mail. Well my copy arrived last weekend, so I bought a bottle of wine and planned to listen to the music that night.

I popped the CD into my computer and nothing happened. Usually my iTunes will ask me if I want the songs loaded into my list, but instead there was an error message (I hate those things) that told me that the CD was unreadable. Then it acted like I put in a blank CD. Oh no. A little worried, I took the CD out and put it in a regular CD player; praying that I didn’t get a faulty concert CD. The music started to play. Whew!

As I was listening to it, though, it skipped a bit. Then the beginning of the German song we sing in Chamber was missing, and the entire French song we sang was completely gone! Nooooooo!

On the bright side (and it wasn’t easy for me to see that bright side at that moment), my favorite songs were still in tact. I wanted to load the CD on my dang computer, though! What was with the missing songs? Ack!

I emailed the guy who recorded our concert and told him what happened. I didn’t want to sound like an ungrateful diva, though, so I did tell him that I always look forward to getting the CDs he makes, which I do. You certainly know it!

He actually called me back within the same day of my email and left me a message saying that he would send me a new CD! Unfortunately, for some reason the French song just never recorded, and the missing part of the other song can’t be fixed either. But hopefully the new CD will be able to pop up on my computer. I really appreciated his quick response.

Anyway, I’m waiting for my new CD to arrive sometime soon. I need to update the song list in the lefthand margin to reflect more Springy songs rather than…you know…songs about snow.


4 thoughts on “CD Drama

  1. Oh, how disappointing to be all settled in and ready to go and not have it be quite right!

    I’m glad you got to hear your favorite songs and that they guy responded quickly to your inquiry. Hopefully, you’ll have it all loaded on to your computer very soon :-) You know we can’t wait to hear it!

  2. Songs about snow are good!

    *looks across and sees ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’*

    Hey, we’re six months into the year – it won’t be long before we’re confronted by Christmas again!!

    Hope the new CD works out better for ya!

  3. Laura: Thank you! I did find out that the CD plays clearer on a mini DVD player I have, so that was another bright side!

    Tim: Ugh, don’t remind me about how close we are to Christmas now; I’m not feeling THAT festive yet! :D

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