Orange Juice, Pancakes and….Trash?

Late last month I woke up hearing something about a community clean-up project hosted by The Sierra Club and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. People could volunteer to clean up one of our local beaches. It was going to be held this Saturday from 10 – noon with breakfast at 9am. It sounded like a good plan, so I signed up. Plus, they offered free breakfast. How do you turn down a free breakfast? You just can’t!

After dining on pancakes and vegetarian sausage (the pancakes were delicious, but the veggie sausages weren’t my thang – but free is free), they told us that there were all sorts of supplies ready for us; gloves (very thankful for those), reachers (those too) and garbage bags. We could venture off onto the beach and just do our own thing. Then we could come and go whenever.

Here are some photos:

Here are some trash picker uppers already in action!

It wasn’t very sunny at first, but eventually the sun made a bright, bold and hot appearance and I actually turned from very pale to….well still pretty pale, but with a tan hue.

At 11:30 I was ready to wrap it up, so I took a photo of the beach again. It might have been the sun playing tricks on me, but I believe our community clean-up made a difference, if only for a day. Before I end this post, here are a few key points of possible interest:

– I picked up tons of little, plastic cigarette filters. They were everywhere. Smoking litterbugs are gross.

– You know some other things that are gross? Gulls! They don’t have any decency, they’re worse than pigeons.

– Walking on sand is a great workout. My legs are still recovering, but I definitely got my walking in that day.


5 thoughts on “Orange Juice, Pancakes and….Trash?

  1. I’m sure your guys’ efforts did make a difference. I’m also sure it was eye opening to see what pigs people can be about their trash…and I’ve NEVER understood why smokers don’t understand that their butts are not made of some magical substance that vanishes before it hits the ground!

  2. The lady who worked for the Parks Dept. (not Seinfeld’s cousin Jeffrey) said some trash is due to animals getting into the garbage cans. I say the majority of litter on the beach was caused by humans.

    I know, yeah. Cigarette butts, plastic anything and aluminum cans, among other things, will not magically dissolve into the earth or water. Some guy found a tire on the beach! Really people?? You can’t tell me an animal did that kind of thing.

  3. Cleanups are really a good way to make a difference. Hey, at least you didn’t find any used needles! I did one of the cleanups back east and we found that plus used condoms, etc. Butts are not so bad, eh? :-)

  4. NoR: I’ll take cigarette butts over used condoms anyday, for sure. I did find certain female products, though. Blergh.

    I stood back a few times during the cleanup and noticed so many people really getting into the whole thing – digging under shrubs and rocks, going up into the woods to clean up, etc. It was really cool.

    Tim: Yeah, the pancakes you showed us on your blog looked very inviting.

    It sounds like you had a traumatic incident with gulls.

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