All Those Opposed, Say “Nay”

I meant to post the “Friday 5” on Friday, but didn’t realize it’s been sitting in my draft folder all night! Oops. Oh well. This week’s “Friday 5” fun-a-thon has to do with horses! Let’s ride.

1. What are your feelings about horses?
They’re beautiful animals, but I don’t think much about them unless I get to see them up close.

2. How far would you have to go if you wanted to ride a merry-go-round?
The county fairgrounds is just 15 minutes away, and there’s always a merry-go-round available when the fair or other events roll around this time of year. I can smell the funnelcakes!

3. When did you last eat something containing pinto beans?
Well I was going to say that some were in a soup my mom made for me a few weeks back, but those were navy beans. I think pinto beans were in a soup my mom’s neighbor made. Good stuff – both soups!

4. How’s your mane?
It’s behaving today with a limited amount of frizz. It helps when we have a few, sunny days without rain.

5. When did you last go hoarse?
The last time I remember going hoarse was after our choir’s dress rehearsal. A few of us were like that, but thankfully it didn’t last long! Cake helps.

Well that does it for this week’s meme thingy! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Saturday Scavenger Shots! The word is “vegetable”. Have a great, great weekend!


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