Saturday Scavenger Shots: Vegetable

Why hello there! How art thou? So I guess the world will carry on just a little bit longer. Yay! Okay, let’s move on.

Oh but first, I have to tell you that my mom has a new cell phone now! Double yay! It’s really nice, actually. I’m envious now. My cellphone is a bit of an antique. I can’t even download ringtones for the thing. She can, but she doesn’t care about that kind of thing! The nerve! Anyway, I nagged her about keeping her phone charged. Our numbers are plugged in too, so she’s set, I’d say.

Onward! The dedicated and fun blogger by the name of Laura B. from “What Fresh Hell is This?” chose me to choose this week’s word! I picked the word: “vegetable”.

The Cans Festival

This is my friend F during her birthday party one year. She wanted all of her guests to do a skit, sing a song or anything else that was creative. The hostess and her family didn’t get away without entertaining, either. Here she is doing a puppet show using a can of what looks like Dole pineapple. But she was singing to a song she heard on an episode of “Veggie Tales”.


Here is my plate of food at my friend’s wedding reception back in 2008. Veggie-wise, we have potatoes and green beans! Yummy! I don’t remember if the flower was edible.

The Most Comfortable Couch in the World

This was where I let myself veg out this morning. It was awesome. I should really veg out on this couch more often, because it is super comfortable. I stretched out and watched last night’s episode of “The Soup” first, and then I found out that another channel was airing an edited version of “Rise of the Lycans”. I vegged out and watched that one as well, all while drinking some coffee.

For next week’s word chooser I pick: NoRegrets! Are ya up for it, NoR?


5 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Vegetable

  1. Wow, that is just about the greatest idea in the world for a birthday party activity! And that wedding dinner looks delish :-)
    As for vegging…well, you know how I feel about that. That couch does look like it might win comfiest in the world in a competition.
    Great Saturday Scavenger Shots!!!

  2. It was a fun party, but I was a bit nervous getting up in front a group, even if most of that group was my friend’s family. I wrote a song (sort of – just wrote some lyrics and sang it without writing down any particular notes) and sang it. It was more fun to watch others get up there. Lol.

    I plan to spend more quality time on that couch when I get home from work.

  3. Manuel: The bed is very nice. It’s been very kind to me, but also a bit possessive lately. Doesn’t want to let me go on work days.

    Churlita: Vegging out on that couch felt so good. My mom and I traded phones, but yes she has a way to contact me if one of us is lost.

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