Goodwill Hunting

I had my first review as a receptionist the other day, and it was a good review. Yay! My raise will kick in next month. Party at my place!

Our UPS guy was under the impression that my last name was Mahoney. I don’t know how that happened. I sign off on the packages we get at work, and although I put my middle initial, M, in the signature, my last name doesn’t add up to a Mahoney. The guy just made assumptions of my name. We joked with him about it, and today he said, “Thanks, Ms. Mahoney!” Actually, Tara Mahoney has a nice ring to it! My manager joked and said we should send a name change request to our head office since I have a new name now. My coworker said that it might be the last name of my soul mate. Hmm! Okay, Mr. Mahoney, where are you?

My mom and I went to the nearby town on Saturday to buy some stuff at their street sale. We set up to sell stuff a few years ago, but it’s more fun to buy things and then leave once we’ve exhausted our financial resources. By that of course I mean we shop until we don’t have anymore money on us.

Anyway, even though we got there an hour before the thing was supposed to start, people were already set up and the parking was limited. My mom said, “Drop me off at this curb and I’ll wait here so that you can find a parking place.” Now whenever my mom says, “I’ll wait right here”, I know I’m hoping for a lot. If there is stuff to look at, she will wander off, and even though her hips are arthritic, she can really get around.

I couldn’t find a parking spot behind the bank where we usually park, so I went down the street nearby and parked near the church I go to for choir practice. When I walked back to the spot where my mom was allegedly waiting, she was gone. She wasn’t nearby, either. Operation Mom Hunt was on. I can joke about this now, but I was more than just a little irritated at that moment. A few of her friends were set up at a table not far from where she said she’d “wait”, so I headed down that way to see if she was chatting with them. Nope. Then I looked for tables that sold antiques, because that’s usually a mom hot spot. Not there, either. Then I started to worry and my thoughts were getting carried away. I heard sirens, so that didn’t help matters. I also thought she had ventured into the dollar store nearby, but realized she would’ve asked me to go with her, so I scratched that idea.

I looked around for her for an hour. I couldn’t enjoy myself and look at stuff people were selling until I found my mah. Finally, I headed back over to more tables where I had searched before (two times). My mom was standing by a van, talking to a fellow antiquing friend. She saw me and I heard her say, “Oh there she is!” Then she saw my expression and her tone changed, “Oh. I think I’m in trouble.” She re-introduced me to her friend, who I greeted with as much enthusiasm as I could muster, and then my mom joked to her friend about my being mad at her, so I walked away. I love her more than anything, but sometimes she still treats me like a toddler. I didn’t want to show her at first how relieved I was that I found her, but eventually I was able to relax and we could joke about things. She apologized for wandering off, so that helped too. We’re going to work out a better plan for the next time we go to something like this.

I did laugh at her when she said she was worried about me too, because when I did find her, she had already bought some stuff. My being Worrying Wanda, I couldn’t focus on buying stuff until I could track her down.

Anyway, I did begin to have fun at the sale, and managed to buy some cool things. My mom bought me a funny coffee mug for the office and a really pretty, violet bracelet.


9 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting

  1. Your mom needs a cell phone! I don’t know what I’d do if every party I was with on an excursion didn’t have one. Glad you guys found each other safe and were able to get a few great items.

    Also, congratulations on your raise!!! Way to go, Ms. Mahoney!

  2. COngrats on the raise Mahoney!

    Yeah, that’s pretty messed up and should realize how she would have felt in your shoes. It sucks when people we looked up to in the highest form as kids disappoint us.

  3. Laura: She did have a cellphone, but the service plan expired and she left the phone at home. :/

    Manuel: My mom has been the one to look all over the place for me; especially when I was little kid and would hide in the clothes racks at the store. So she really should know how it feels. Maybe she blocked it from her memory. :P

    Churlita: I like the pay-as-you go. My mom had one of those, but since she hardly ever uses it, the service plan expired. We’ll get a new one.

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