“What the fruit!?”

Laura B. of “What Fresh Hell is This” chose this week’s word to be “fruit”! I’m late, but here are my photos:

I took this one a few years ago. Watermelon is an underrated fruit. It’s juicy, beautiful and awesome, yet we only think about it during the Summer months.

I made this drink awhile back. It’s lemon-flavored club soda with a twist o’lemon. I love experimenting with refreshments, and this one turned out tasting awesome.

Have I used the word “awesome” enough in this post? I hope so, because I just noticed how much I need to expand my vocabulary!

Oo! It looks like I’ve been tagged! Thank you, LB! Let me get back to you about the word I’m going to choose, but I will get back to you today, I swear!


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