Super Terrific Family Time

Happy Day After Mother’s Day! What did you do this weekend to celebrate?

I went out to a restaurant called “Steak-n-Shake” with my mom, one of my brothers and his family. Everyone had been to that restaurant before except me, so this was my first visit. The place was easy to get to, which was a relief for me because I don’t like to travel into strange surroundings with just my map to guide me.

Anyway, the place was very cool with very happy, cheerful workers. The food was excellent too. Most of us ordered milkshakes, and I ordered the Reece’s Peanut Butter cup shake. It was very good, but I’ll order another shake the next time I go there. I would’ve rather had the actual Reece’s Cups instead of the bits and pieces of one. They also had a key lime milkshake that I would’ve liked to try.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...."

But the sandwich – oh mama – it was like enjoying a movie so much that you were sad to see it end. I was kind of sad when I took that last bite. I ordered the spicy chipotle steak burger. That sounds tasty enough, but then there’s also bacon involved. So very good.


Saturday was lovely. I didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything, but since it was my brother’s birthday that day, I drove over to their place to drop off some presents and a Mother’s Day gift for my sister-in-law. Then I headed home and thought about going for a walk, but the skies clouded over and I was treated to a nice, rumbly little thunderstorm instead.

Last night was another night I felt like I didn’t get any sleep. If I did sleep, it was not easy, and I had these quick, disturbing dreams that something was crawling on me. Not bugs just…I don’t even know.

Tonight I will stop by the local library and see if I can rent the movie “Black Swan”. I’m so curious about that movie. I don’t have choir practice and the shows I watch have ended for the season. It’s just time to relax.

Here is a photo of some of my family at the restaurant! From left to right we have my sister-in-law, then my mom, one of my nephews and one of my crazy brothers.

Da Fam


8 thoughts on “Super Terrific Family Time

  1. I’m glad you had such a great weekend! That food does look pretty amazing, I have to say :-) I have had some sleep disturbances lately as well…what’s up with that?
    Hey, let me know what you think of Black Swan.

  2. Black Swan was…disturbing. That’s all I can say about that movie. I’m glad that I saw it, because it was certainly a well done movie, but I never want to watch it again. It’s especially uncomfortable watching it with other people.

    And have you thought about getting a GPS? I honestly don’t know how I would survive without mine. Its SO nice being able to have it in my car for those times when I have to venture out of my comfort zone. Heck, I don’t know how I would have managed to survive living away from home without it.

  3. Laura B: I will definitely be visiting that restaurant again, that was so good. I should be getting “Black Swan” in the mail this week from Netflix, so I will let you know what I thought of it!

    Silver: I felt that way with “Wolf Creek”, because I thought that was disturbing as a horror movie should be, but it was too disturbing for me to watch it again.

    I have occasionally thought of getting a GPS – I’m guessing it would be better than following a map!

  4. The fries look good. I hate the fat ones.

    Speaking of fat ones. have you heard of our Batman? Check my blog.

    Does Cleveland have its own super hero? Since Howard the Duck I mean? I remember that episode of Drew Carey where he flew like Superman. Maybe that counts.

  5. NoR: I surprised myself by finishing off the meal and then the shake! The meal, though, wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. I thought they’d give me more fries.

    Tim: Hi! They were both amazing – it was difficult to see them go away as I ate/drank them up.

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