Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Remember when I told you that my office was going through a renovation? Well we had an official “ribbon-cutting” ceremony today! Yay! The mayor didn’t come out to celebrate, but we did have a congressman. Since the event was planned for Cinco de Mayo, our caterer had a whole theme, and decorated our student lobby with some fun stuff. They also served staff and guests some of their most amazing food. That caterer is awesome, their food tastes better and better each time.

Since I had to answer phones, I wasn’t able to take part in the huge group photo outside. I was able to grab some food and hang out with some of my friends for an hour afterwards, though. We had a DJ, too, so he played some dance music while we all wondered why we couldn’t just shut down the school and have a dance party. Anyway, we had a fun time at our table, and we all won raffle prizes! I chose a water bottle (because by the time my number was called, it was a choice between that or a ball). I think we were the only table with the best laughers, too.

It dawned on me that I don’t crave a high-demand position at a company. I have felt my own stress in the old position I had, and I have seen the stress my friend goes through as an administrative assistant to the campus director. Although I am more than happy to provide the shoulder to cry on when things get to her (and people can be such picky, whiney assholes to her, it’s shocking that they graduated from elementary school), I really don’t crave to get a job like hers, even though it would pay more money. I’m not a ladder climber unless the rung I’m climbing to is of interest to me. I want to love my job and get paid enough for it.


3 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

  1. That sounds like so much fun, Tara! A great Cinco de Mayo / ribbon cutting ceremony.

    You know, I am very much the same with my job. While I wouldn’t mind a bit more money, I feel quite content right where I am. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it.

  2. Of course you couldn’t shut down the school for the day, they need to make money to pay for the renovations. I should stop up sometime and see how much the place has changed.

    I know how you feel about the job situation. I have two jobs, one is a relatively low-stress job (or should be) that the management try to turn into something terribly critical. The other is a critical job (part-time) that is such a pleasure to work because the doctor I work for knows the job.

  3. Laura: It was so much fun to sit and laugh with my friends! Yes, I’m very content where I am now with my job. I should be grateful that I have a paycheck coming in, but a bit more would give me more breathing room, I think.

    AlienCG: You should visit the campus! We even have a new sign up on the building that will light up at night! “Like ‘LIZA’!” :)

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