“Stand Beside Her, and Guide Her”

We had our choir concert yesterday and it went really well! People whooped, hollered and clapped. The place was packed, too. Good times, good times. :)

The last bit of practice was at 1:30, and then we had a half hour to just relax. I don’t like that part; I just want to get the concert started! We were sitting at some tables during this little break, and the Cackler was at my table. She was talking to someone about one of our songs and said, “He had better give us our cues or…oh my…” and she put her face in one of her hands and just shook her head like things would be a complete disaster. I think about those things too, but eventually I trust that things will either fall into place or we fumble a bit and hope that the audience didn’t catch it.

Now for myself, I started to sing a part that only the guys are supposed to sing. I sang two words and then dropped out quickly and put on my poker face that was supposed to tell the audience that I meant to do that, and that it was part of the show. Think they bought it? So internally I was kicking myself until the next song came around and I heard the Cackler sing too early. My inner critic was distracted.

During dress rehearsal on Saturday, we were practicing the song, “Lord of the Dance”. Near the end of that song, we pause and then sing, “Said He”. A few people warned our director that, if he has us pause too long, the audience will start clapping because they’ll think we’re done. He said, “Well, we’ll risk it.” Sure enough yesterday, the audience clapped before we could finish the song, and our director grinned sheepishly at us and we laughed our “We told you so” laugh.

We took a break around the end of the concert (which was welcomed since my toes were falling asleep from my standing so long) to appreciate the Charter members of the group; the people who have been in the choir since it started 30 years ago. Our choir’s president almost started to cry when talking about one member who passed away earlier this year.

After the awards were given out, we were ready to re-congregate and sing again. We sang some selections from “The Messiah”, and then our director had the audience sing along to the “Hallelujah” chorus. Some were encouraged to come up and sing with us if they felt so bold, and many people did sing with us. It was really nice.


6 thoughts on ““Stand Beside Her, and Guide Her”

  1. Sounds wonderful! Glad to hear the Cackler hasn’t lost any of her, um, charm. It sounds like that audience really enjoyed you guys…that must be the best feeling :-) What comes next for the choir?

  2. Laura: It is an awesome feeling when the audience clearly enjoys our music! I’d love to say that I’ll miss the Cackler until September, but…um…I doubt it.

    NoR: We practice in a United Methodist church, but usually our concerts are in the concert hall just down the street. The hall is getting renovated now, though, so this time we had it in the same church we practice in. It’s a beautiful church!

    Silver: It is lots of fun, especially when our director is in a goofy mood! :)

    Manuel: I do get excited! :) I love that choir. I dropped out of it for a brief time but missed it too much to stay away.

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