An Eggcellent Easter

Happy Day-After-Easter! Did the Great, Holy Bunny visit your residences this past weekend? Did you wine and dine?

My mom had Easter over at her place this year, so the brother that lives in Ohio visited with his family and brought the honey-baked ham, booze and pop. I brought the extra dishes, some other party accessories and a bag of jellybeans for my mom. My brother arrived, found the bag of jellybeans as if he had a special radar, and he and his oldest son chowed down on half the bag!

Anyway, everything was delicious and the company was fun. Afterwards, my brother cleared the table and then I did the dishes. It was nice to be away from the loud family, but I was still able to be a part of the conversations since the kitchen was nice and open. We cleared things up quickly and then most of us got into the Indians game that was on TV! Even me! He has truly risen.

After my brother and his family left, my mom and I watched “The King’s Speech” that she bought me as an Easter present. Awesome movie, it deserved its awards.

What did you all do for Easter? I hope you ate heartily with some fun people!


6 thoughts on “An Eggcellent Easter

  1. Manuel: I love the idea of having pizza for the Easter meal!

    Laura: My brother has a sixth sense about sweets, for sure!

    I really think you’d enjoy “The King’s Speech”.

  2. Wow, you had a busy Easter! It was pretty quiet my way – lovely weather here at the moment so I pretty much just sat in my parents’ garden reading and getting a tan!!

  3. Tim: We had the nice weather the day before, so I went for a walk that day and got a little sun! It was great! I’m glad you had such a relaxing holiday!

    NoR: Yeah, He’s looking out for me! Thank you! :)

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