Saturday Scavenger Shots: Procrastination

Thank you to NoRegrets for choosing this week’s word! We had to come up with a photo that represented “procrastination”.

Hey, remember in a previous post when I said I was going to a concert tonight? Yeah, I chickened out and changed my mind. For now. I would just feel more comfortable going with some friends to the next concert instead of going all by my lonesome. Next time when it comes to asking some friends to meet me there, I will not procrastinate! Ha ha!

Speaking of procrastinating, here is my photo for this week’s word. This game (called “Bouncing Balls”) on Facebook is my current addiction. Getting caught in it makes me want to put off other things I need to be doing, like, oh….socializing or maybe sleeping!

That’s my photo for SSS this week. Stay tuned to find out who NoRegrets picks for next week’s word-chooser!


11 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Procrastination

  1. I’m quite familiar with procrastination…for example, I just filed my taxes…on Monday, the last day to file taxes! Did I wait so long because I owed back taxes? Nope. Is it because I was missing W2s? Nope . Did I forget? Nope. I just waited til the last minute to get it done…just lazy and procrastinating…

  2. P.S. I totally get wanting to do certain things with other people. Some things are just more fun when you go with friends; some things are better and more fun on your own.

    These past two weeks, I’ve been feeling adventurous in trying out new places to eat, based on people’s recommendations. I’ve gone to a few local, hidden gems by myself for a late lunch, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. It would’ve been nice to have a friend or two along, but I enjoyed trying out these new places by myself, because I felt like a food critic or even a traveler in a foreign land, sampling the local, exotic cuisine. And now, I know a few more fantastic places to take friends to for meals!

  3. Churlita: Thanks! I have never played mah jong before!

    Eros: I’m glad you were at least able to get your taxes filed on time! Better last minute than late, and better late than never! :)

    I don’t have much of a problem going to restaurants on my own, but I should try other restaurants that I’ve never been to one of these days! I also don’t have a problem going to see movies on my own. I was so self-conscious about going to the rock concert alone, though. Especially since the guy was in one and I don’t know what he would think of me showing up, even though he did invite me.

  4. NoR: Do you know which word he chose? I don’t know if he’s actively playing at the moment…

    Suze: Well hey there! Great job catching the Meowing Marauder….er….yeah. I don’t know what you mean by “neighbor”. ;)

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