Blogging and Photos

Hi! Here are a few things:

– I have a twitch in my left eyelid. I think it might have something to do with either not enough sleep or staring at the computer for too long…or both….It knows I’m blogging about it, so now it’s not there.

– A couple of weeks ago I bought some cocoa butter lotion that contains Vitamin E. It makes my skin smell like Easter candy, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just an observation.

– On Saturday I’m going to see a couple of bands in Lakewood. The show is in a bowling alley I used to go to when I went to high school in that city. The guy I’ve been struggling to get over is in one of those bands, and I have wanted to be a friend and see at least one of his shows (even though he has never seen any of my choir concerts). I will be out of my element and my comfort zone and will most likely feel very awkward, but I feel like I need to do this. But dang, I wish his band would perform closer to my town instead of 40 minutes away and within my bedtime. I’m turning into a cranky, house-bound old lady.

Oh and speaking of visiting Lakewood, I did pop over there on Sunday because the weather was so Summery and awesome. Here are some photos:

The Love Shack...for Birds

This was taken at Lakewood Park. I think this martin house has been here for years. The birds adore it and put it to good use!

15, 30, 40, Love...Or Something Like That

I’m still at Lakewood Park in this shot. I learned a lesson or two about tennis on this court.

Swimming Lessons

Still at Lakewood Park – This was where I was able to get some nerves and actually learn to swim and dive. I was 19 at the time and was in a class with some younger kids who were very sweet and accepted me as one of their own.

Open the Doors and There's All the People

This was the church I’m sure I blogged about in the past. Our family would attend Christmas Eve service there and then we would go home and open presents and chat. This church was a big part of our Christmas tradition! During the Summer, the parking lot was used for bike riding.


Yeah, that’s my name!


Here are my feet if you needed to see them. My camera wasn’t quite awake at the time, and didn’t open all the way before I took the shots. That’s why you see the wavy lines in this one.

Horses on the Beach

I sat on a log and spaced out for awhile; staring out across a very calm Lake Erie. Then I heard a noise, glanced behind me and saw two guys riding some huge horses. I caught them a few times during their visit. Glad I brought my camera!


7 thoughts on “Blogging and Photos

  1. Thanks, I liked it too. I was confused at first when I saw that photo because I didn’t know what had happened.

    I blogged about the guy a couple of times, but it was just a stupid crush I had on a someone who clearly didn’t feel the same way about me. It just took me quite awhile to realize it.

  2. Good for you for going out of your comfort zone and being a friend to this guy. You might even end up having a good time :-) Sounds like something I’d think about doing, then not do at the last minute…awful.

    I LOVE all the great photos in this post!!! That little martin house is very cool.

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